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Cat Quest 2: The “Mew” Game from The Gentlebros

I was quite late to the party with the first Cat Quest, I'm not sure if it just sailed right by me without me realising, or if I did see it I didn't think it was worth checking out - but eventually it did catch my eye when I saw it on sale on the… Continue reading Cat Quest 2: The “Mew” Game from The Gentlebros

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EGX 2019

This year EGX moved from the NEC in Birmingham to the Excel in London. Whether you are a fan of the change in location or not, you can’t deny that EGX still remains one of the biggest gaming conventions in the UK offering opportunities for publishers and developers to showcase their titles, stages for content… Continue reading EGX 2019


Untitled Goose Game

Every now and again, a gem of an indie game appears on our consoles and PCs. These games may not be the longest or most involved but they have a lot of heart and provide some great entertainment. Enter the Untitled Goose Game in which you play a Goose who is up to no good… Continue reading Untitled Goose Game


Control: PS4 Review

Have you ever started playing a game and within the first few minutes uttered 'What on Earth is going on'? Well that was my first reaction to Control and please don't take that to be a bad thing. It's not often a game baffles me and wows me at the same time mainly because I… Continue reading Control: PS4 Review


The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

If you were following us a couple of years ago then you may be aware that I thoroughly enjoyed Until Dawn and that I don't do well with horror games but I think the fact it was more of a teen horror movie made it a little easier to handle. So when Supermassive Games and… Continue reading The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan