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Cat Quest 2: The “Mew” Game from The Gentlebros

I was quite late to the party with the first Cat Quest, I'm not sure if it just sailed right by me without me realising, or if I did see it I didn't think it was worth checking out - but eventually it did catch my eye when I saw it on sale on the… Continue reading Cat Quest 2: The “Mew” Game from The Gentlebros


Untitled Goose Game

Every now and again, a gem of an indie game appears on our consoles and PCs. These games may not be the longest or most involved but they have a lot of heart and provide some great entertainment. Enter the Untitled Goose Game in which you play a Goose who is up to no good… Continue reading Untitled Goose Game


Super Blood Hockey – Retro “Sports” Fun!

Aside from my recent return to the lands of Skyrim, most of my lunch breaks this year have been spent playing indie games on my Switch while sat in my car. Which is why a great deal of my reviews have been about retro-style pixel art indie gems. Most of these have been hack and… Continue reading Super Blood Hockey – Retro “Sports” Fun!


Trials Rising

My first review for Darkworld Gaming was actually Trials Fusion which I spent a lot of time with mainly because I liked the challenge. Fast forward a few years and Trials Rising has arrived! For fans of the physics based skill games that require you to complete courses on your motorbike, Rising is here! My… Continue reading Trials Rising