Smoke and Sacrifice

We love supporting indie titles here at Darkworld Gaming so were pleased to be offered the opportunity to play Smoke and Sacrifice on PS4 upon its release on Xbox One and PS4 on 15th January. Smoke and Sacrifice was previously released on PC and the Nintendo Switch but is now available to players across all… Continue reading Smoke and Sacrifice


Deathgarden Alpha Impressions

Last week Behaviour Interactive Inc unleashed the Deathgarden closed alpha and we were lucky enough to get a code to test it out on stream! For those of you that managed to tune in, you will have seen my initial impressions of the opening games but I wanted to share some additional thoughts on the… Continue reading Deathgarden Alpha Impressions

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Games in Alpha: ARK Survival Evolved

I'm sure by now you have heard of ARK: Survival Evolved, the dinosaur riding romp of an MMO which is taking PvP online gaming to new spectacular heights. However, ARK is not your usual MMO. The concept is survival. You are transported by futuristic technology to a prehistoric island to fight it out against the… Continue reading Games in Alpha: ARK Survival Evolved


Games in Alpha: 7 Days to Die

I'm done. 28 hours in, and I have fear-quit this game... for now. 7 Days to Die is another quality horror survival currently in alpha on Steam created by The Fun Pimps (I would argue 'The Sadistic Why-Won't-You-Let-Me-Be-Safe Pimps). Set in the traditional Northern American zombie apocalypse you are stranded semi-naked and have to survive.… Continue reading Games in Alpha: 7 Days to Die


Games in Alpha: The Forest

The Forest is an open world survival game that has become somewhat of an addiction for me and a friend since we were made redundant in October. Since then I have put nearly 100 hours into the game rather than into looking for a new job or doing anything productive whatsoever. Nevertheless I feel rather… Continue reading Games in Alpha: The Forest