Better Late Than Never: Journey

Before you say 'How has it taken you this long to play Journey?' followed by comments questioning where I have been or am I completely mad, I sadly must admit that other games and life got in the way meaning that it was never a good time to experience Journey. But as part of my… Continue reading Better Late Than Never: Journey


E3 2017: Sony Press Conference Round Up

Expectations are always high for Microsoft and Sony so fanboys and girls everywhere were quick to say who they thought 'killed it' this year. While it felt like it was a quiet one for Sony (not just because the soundman screwed up the audio for the livestream) and I truly believe that's due to their own… Continue reading E3 2017: Sony Press Conference Round Up


E3 2016 Round Up: Sony Press Conference

So once again "Gaming Christmas" is upon us. And, unfortunately, it won't be long before E3 will be over for another year. Here we'll be briefly cover what Sony unleashed upon its fans at the Shrine Auditorium. They covered many of the more indie titles in their pre-show, before kicking off the press conference proper… Continue reading E3 2016 Round Up: Sony Press Conference


Uncharted 4, Charted!

Uncharted 4 has been the highest anticipated PlayStation title since the release of the PS4. After many delays and changes to the creative team at Naughty Dog which caused the project to be started from scratch with 8 months of work being scrapped, the game finally released on May 10th and now we can see… Continue reading Uncharted 4, Charted!