Steredenn: Binary Stars

As you may recall, we first covered Steredenn: Binary Stars in our coverage of EGX Rezzed a month or so ago. Today we see a more in-depth review of Pixelnest Studio’s Roguelike SHMUP on the Nintendo Switch, Steredenn: Binary Stars. As regular readers might know by now, I’m a huge fan of SHMUPs, or for… Continue reading Steredenn: Binary Stars

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Roguelikes – A Masochist's Delight

For those of you who don’t play games, 1. How did you end up here? 2. Would you like to know what I mean by ‘roguelike’? It literally means “games which are like the 1980 game Rogue”, but the modern usage has changed a bit. It now commonly refers to a type of game-play without… Continue reading Roguelikes – A Masochist's Delight