Life is Strange 2: Wastelands

Following the crazy events at the end of episode 2, I genuinely feel like I have made some terrible choices when speaking to Daniel about his powers. Now episode 3, Wastelands, has arrived and I can confirm that I have definitely made some poor decisions. What I do find nice and very useful is the… Continue reading Life is Strange 2: Wastelands


Days Gone

For many of us, the release of Days Gone has been highly anticipated and then lasted even longer when it was announced that the game release had been delayed. I'm a firm believer that developers and publishers should take their time to make sure the game is ready before release so I was fine with… Continue reading Days Gone


World War Z

When I spotted World War Z mentioned in a press email we received my first thought was 'why didn't I know about this?' quickly followed by 'what's the concept then?'. We have been fortunate enough to be provided with a review code for the game on PC through Epic Games and have managed to spend… Continue reading World War Z


Trials Rising

My first review for Darkworld Gaming was actually Trials Fusion which I spent a lot of time with mainly because I liked the challenge. Fast forward a few years and Trials Rising has arrived! For fans of the physics based skill games that require you to complete courses on your motorbike, Rising is here! My… Continue reading Trials Rising


Our Games of 2018

As we take a look back on all of the games that we were fortunate enough to play over the course of 2018, a few of us wanted to share some of our picks of the year. We'll be looking ahead to the upcoming releases in 2019 shortly but for now, let's cast our minds… Continue reading Our Games of 2018