Dragon’s Crown Pro

Dragon’s Crown Pro is a side-scrolling, arcade style, RPG and is a remaster of a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita game, Dragon’s Crown, released on the PlayStation 4 and PS4 pro to take advantage of the newer consoles’ technology and graphical horsepower. For those who have the luxury of a PlayStation 4 Pro, players will… Continue reading Dragon’s Crown Pro


Better Late Than Never: Journey

Before you say 'How has it taken you this long to play Journey?' followed by comments questioning where I have been or am I completely mad, I sadly must admit that other games and life got in the way meaning that it was never a good time to experience Journey. But as part of my… Continue reading Better Late Than Never: Journey


Venom Licensed Wired Controller Unboxing

Venom Licensed Controller Unboxing Video The Licensed Wired Controller is our latest supply drop from our good friends over at Venom Gaming. I took on the challenge of performing my first solo unboxing video which you can see above to give you guys a nice look at what you are purchasing. There will be a… Continue reading Venom Licensed Wired Controller Unboxing


Rainbow Moon PS4 – Review

On February 17th 2016 Rainbow Moon was released to the PS4, a port from the PS3 and Vita title which I personally had not heard of but I am happy to see brought forward as big fan of RPG's. Rainbow Moon is available as a download only title and has been developed by SideQuest Studios, and… Continue reading Rainbow Moon PS4 – Review