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EGX Rezzed 2018

We are firm followers of Rezzed and thoroughly enjoy finding new and exciting titles among the busy booths! There's something for everyone and more often than not, we fall in love with what we find. This year offered another opportunity to check out what the devs have been working and also see some familiar faces… Continue reading EGX Rezzed 2018


Far Cry 5

I have always tried to get sucked into the world of Far Cry. I own Far Cry 3 and 4, always starting and playing for a solid chunk of hours but then getting distracted by something else. The idea of trying to overthrow a crazy if not enigmatic leader who is hungry for power and… Continue reading Far Cry 5


PUBG on the Xbox. Winner, Winner chicken dinner?

In a shocking twist to the beginning of this review, my first encounter with PUBG was on the PC. Aha! You may be thinking, you’ve been tricked; deceived, cheated even! Friends and fellow gamers, let me put those raised eyebrows to rest. It is just simply impossible to talk about PUBG on the Xbox one… Continue reading PUBG on the Xbox. Winner, Winner chicken dinner?


Life is Strange: Farewell Review

If you have followed Life is Strange since the beginning then you will know that the relationship between Max and Chloe is one that we have followed, adored and become invested in. When Deck Nine announced that there would be a bonus episode available following Before the Storm where you got to be Max one… Continue reading Life is Strange: Farewell Review


Better Late Than Never: Oxenfree

As I continue to battle the backlog of games, I found that a snowy afternoon off work was the perfect time to try and blast through the next title in one sitting. The game I chose to playthrough was Oxenfree, an adventure game which has been in my library for about a year! Developed and… Continue reading Better Late Than Never: Oxenfree