Sea of Thieves Review

Prior to the release of this game I was looking forward to being able to get a group of friends to get together to play this game. The idea of an open world pirate game excited me, exploring a world as a pirate and trying to get a coherent crew working together sounded like a… Continue reading Sea of Thieves Review


Games in Alpha: 7 Days to Die

I'm done. 28 hours in, and I have fear-quit this game... for now. 7 Days to Die is another quality horror survival currently in alpha on Steam created by The Fun Pimps (I would argue 'The Sadistic Why-Won't-You-Let-Me-Be-Safe Pimps). Set in the traditional Northern American zombie apocalypse you are stranded semi-naked and have to survive.… Continue reading Games in Alpha: 7 Days to Die


Games in Alpha: The Forest

The Forest is an open world survival game that has become somewhat of an addiction for me and a friend since we were made redundant in October. Since then I have put nearly 100 hours into the game rather than into looking for a new job or doing anything productive whatsoever. Nevertheless I feel rather… Continue reading Games in Alpha: The Forest