Xbox 360 – The Final Ring of Death

As many of you have heard Microsoft have announced that the production of the Xbox 360 has now come to an end, 10 years after its release. Personally I think the console will still remain popular for some time, as there are so many good games, hundreds in fact that are standing the test of… Continue reading Xbox 360 – The Final Ring of Death

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July's PS+ Games Announced

Aunt Sony is back around again for that time of the month and July has a host of games coming our way for the various Sony Platforms. Hot on the heels of the announcement that EU PS+ gamers will be recieving their weekly updates on the same day as our American counter-parts this months games… Continue reading July's PS+ Games Announced

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Batman Arkham Knight

So it's finally here. The final part in this Batman trilogy from Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Sadly, the Batmobile edition was pulled merely weeks before launch due to what I assume is a build error and if you ordered the statue edition, it's delayed due to packaging issues! Still, I woke up on Tuesday and… Continue reading Batman Arkham Knight

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Dying Light – Good Night, Good Luck, Good Game?

There's no denying that I was looking forward to TechLand's Dying Light from the off. It looked like it would be a fast paced, gore filled, adrenaline pumping action horror adventure. During EGX, I managed to get my hands on a timed demo (reviewed here) which gave me 8 minutes of game time which I… Continue reading Dying Light – Good Night, Good Luck, Good Game?

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PS+ Titles for March announced (Finally!)

It's that time of the month again ladies and gentlemen! Although Sony have really kept us waiting this month it's time for the disappointment of PS4 owners eagerly awaiting the next AAA Title, Joy for PS3 owners as they get actually get a reasonably big title and... some sort of emotion for PS Vita owners (I… Continue reading PS+ Titles for March announced (Finally!)