World War Z

When I spotted World War Z mentioned in a press email we received my first thought was 'why didn't I know about this?' quickly followed by 'what's the concept then?'. We have been fortunate enough to be provided with a review code for the game on PC through Epic Games and have managed to spend… Continue reading World War Z


SkyScrappers for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a great platform for indie titles old and new. SkyScrappers originally landed on Steam and consoles back in 2015 but now it makes a return and this time, it's the turn of the Switch to offer another platform for this fast paced fighting game to make its return. SkyScrappers is a vertical… Continue reading SkyScrappers for Nintendo Switch



For those of you who checked out our EGX Rezzed 2018 coverage, you may remember this game catching our eye! Now we at Darkworld Gaming love a party game, especially if it's frantic, chaotic and can cause shouting and general merriment. Catastronauts certainly fits into that category and we are fortunate enough to be able… Continue reading Catastronauts


PUBG on the Xbox. Winner, Winner chicken dinner?

In a shocking twist to the beginning of this review, my first encounter with PUBG was on the PC. Aha! You may be thinking, you’ve been tricked; deceived, cheated even! Friends and fellow gamers, let me put those raised eyebrows to rest. It is just simply impossible to talk about PUBG on the Xbox one… Continue reading PUBG on the Xbox. Winner, Winner chicken dinner?

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Games in Alpha: ARK Survival Evolved

I'm sure by now you have heard of ARK: Survival Evolved, the dinosaur riding romp of an MMO which is taking PvP online gaming to new spectacular heights. However, ARK is not your usual MMO. The concept is survival. You are transported by futuristic technology to a prehistoric island to fight it out against the… Continue reading Games in Alpha: ARK Survival Evolved