ESL to Power PlayStation 4 Competitive Gaming

ESL, the world largest Esports company who are also part of the digital entertainment group MGT, announced today that it will ESL competitive gaming systems and technology into the upcoming Tournaments feature available on the Playstation 4. This will allow millions of PS4 owners to participate in competitions organised by ESL. In addition, to being available through… Continue reading ESL to Power PlayStation 4 Competitive Gaming

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Friday Night Fights: MESSATSU!

I'm slowly getting used to this tournament organisation lark, while the first tournament I ran was over a year ago now - back for the USF4 launch event, I didn't actually organise the event - that was done by the guys at Xtreme Gaming here in Colchester, I simply ran the tournament. But its coming… Continue reading Friday Night Fights: MESSATSU!


EVO Lineup Announced

Some of our long-term readers may remember that last year we wrote about the, at the time, approaching EVO tournament event. Well this year the hype is starting today! Last night EVO co-founder Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar and Mike Ross (The People's Champion) broadcast the official line up for this years EVO from Twitch HQ in… Continue reading EVO Lineup Announced

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EGX 2014 – thoughts from Lefranzine

So EGX is done for another year. We managed to make 2 of the 4 days for our first time and I'm glad to say, I had a wonderful time! It was nice to get hands on with the upcoming games releases and enjoy the atmosphere fellow gamers all joining together to celebrate what we… Continue reading EGX 2014 – thoughts from Lefranzine