Elder Scrolls Online – Summerset

A quick heads up, this review is based off of my time spent playing up to level 10 in the latest content areas, and doesn’t, yet, delve any deeper – though as I continue playing I might come back to touch upon this again! I remember the excitement that stirred around the release of Elder… Continue reading Elder Scrolls Online – Summerset


Trove: Officially Launches Today

After a hugely successful open Beta on both Playstation and Xbox One Trion Worlds colourful block building MMO Trove has today been officially released. During the open Beta, it was reported that over 5 million players were investing their time and feedback into this free to play title and Trion Worlds are expecting millions more… Continue reading Trove: Officially Launches Today

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Games in Alpha: ARK Survival Evolved

I'm sure by now you have heard of ARK: Survival Evolved, the dinosaur riding romp of an MMO which is taking PvP online gaming to new spectacular heights. However, ARK is not your usual MMO. The concept is survival. You are transported by futuristic technology to a prehistoric island to fight it out against the… Continue reading Games in Alpha: ARK Survival Evolved