Sea of Thieves Review

Prior to the release of this game I was looking forward to being able to get a group of friends to get together to play this game. The idea of an open world pirate game excited me, exploring a world as a pirate and trying to get a coherent crew working together sounded like a… Continue reading Sea of Thieves Review


E3 2017: Microsoft Conference Round Up

Better late than never! We knew Microsoft would be working hard to bring a big show this year with the release of Project Scorpio and E3 was the opportunity to shine. So here's what was on offer from the show case. Xbox One X That's right, the new member of the Xbox One family is… Continue reading E3 2017: Microsoft Conference Round Up


Xbox 360 – The Final Ring of Death

As many of you have heard Microsoft have announced that the production of the Xbox 360 has now come to an end, 10 years after its release. Personally I think the console will still remain popular for some time, as there are so many good games, hundreds in fact that are standing the test of… Continue reading Xbox 360 – The Final Ring of Death


Review: Quantum Break – Move over Dr Who…

Remedy has a rich history of 3rd Person, cinematic visuals with its unique twists pushing the technological limits of console hardware. Quantum break is no different, the game blends these tried and tested elements with an episodic live action series. It's been 6 Years since Alan Wake, a game regarded by many as one of… Continue reading Review: Quantum Break – Move over Dr Who…


Games With Gold – March 2016

Games with Gold, It’s that time again when Xbox owners start getting the cold sweats and counting down the days until the 1st of the month. The March lineup has been revealed and its a huge month, this installment of 4 top games is amongst the best Games with Gold months, let's get straight into… Continue reading Games With Gold – March 2016