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Cat Quest 2: The “Mew” Game from The Gentlebros

I was quite late to the party with the first Cat Quest, I'm not sure if it just sailed right by me without me realising, or if I did see it I didn't think it was worth checking out - but eventually it did catch my eye when I saw it on sale on the… Continue reading Cat Quest 2: The “Mew” Game from The Gentlebros


Super Blood Hockey – Retro “Sports” Fun!

Aside from my recent return to the lands of Skyrim, most of my lunch breaks this year have been spent playing indie games on my Switch while sat in my car. Which is why a great deal of my reviews have been about retro-style pixel art indie gems. Most of these have been hack and… Continue reading Super Blood Hockey – Retro “Sports” Fun!


Katana Zero

Retro-Style 8/16bit indie titles are all the rage currently, they bring a sense of nostalgia even when the games aren’t themselves old or remasters. And a lot of these titles follow old genre tropes, be it platformer, “Metroidvania” or RPG – usually while throwing in their own mechanics to add a twist that makes them… Continue reading Katana Zero


EGX Rezzed 2019

Another Rezzed has come and gone but we have finally found time to sit down and look back over the event! Sadly we were only available for one day this time around but we were determined to try and check out as many games as possible and catch up with some familiar faces too! So… Continue reading EGX Rezzed 2019


Better Late Than Never: Inside

As you may have noticed, I have been neglecting my PS4 of late and as a result I have also missed out on some of the delightful indie games in my library that are still waiting to be played. Following the announcement of upcoming indie titles for the Nintendo Switch to join the marvelous Nindies… Continue reading Better Late Than Never: Inside