Sea of Thieves Review

Prior to the release of this game I was looking forward to being able to get a group of friends to get together to play this game. The idea of an open world pirate game excited me, exploring a world as a pirate and trying to get a coherent crew working together sounded like a… Continue reading Sea of Thieves Review

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Can You Survive Until Dawn? (Spoilers All Over)

Warning: Yeah, spoilers all around.   Until Dawn sort of flew under the radar considering its cast of Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) and Brett Dalton (Agents of SHIELD). I didn’t hear much about it nor see much media coverage about the game which can cause death in sales. It wasn’t until I sat in a darkened… Continue reading Can You Survive Until Dawn? (Spoilers All Over)


Remasters or Disasters

Just stop now please! A trophy listing recently appeared online for what looks like a re-mastered edition of the series Prototype, spotted by Exophase. Remember back in June, 2009 when this game was released, how you thought: “Man, I hope in two years time they release a horribly mediocre, buggy sequel to this just slightly above… Continue reading Remasters or Disasters