Mortal Kombat 11 – Guest Review!

As much as I, DingleTheViking (Previously Kuniku), am a fan of fighting games I've never enjoyed the style of the NRS titles - so felt I would struggle to give a fair review - so I asked my younger brother if he'd like to do a guest spot for us. So check out Xerte's first… Continue reading Mortal Kombat 11 – Guest Review!


SkyScrappers for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a great platform for indie titles old and new. SkyScrappers originally landed on Steam and consoles back in 2015 but now it makes a return and this time, it's the turn of the Switch to offer another platform for this fast paced fighting game to make its return. SkyScrappers is a┬ávertical… Continue reading SkyScrappers for Nintendo Switch


Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite – Infinitely More Information!

Capcom today announced new information for Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, the highly-anticipated return of the revered action-fighting game series. Imagined and created through a shared vision between the two companies, the game will feature free-form 2v2 team battles integrated into a wide variety of exciting and accessible single player modes and rich multiplayer content for… Continue reading Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite – Infinitely More Information!


Has Street Fighter V "V-Reversed" Its Fortunes?

This is actually my second attempt at writing a review for Street Fighter V. The first one being extremely long winded talking about target audiences and what not. It soon turned more into a rant about people complaining for the sake of complaining. But I kept adding more and more, and before long many of… Continue reading Has Street Fighter V "V-Reversed" Its Fortunes?

FNF, News

FNF: Season 2, Week 4

We're now a quarter of the way through our second season of Friday Night Fights. And I'm glad to say it looks like numbers are slowly, but steadily, increasing again. More numbers means a wider range of player skills, from total beginners to high level players - it's always good to have more competition, more… Continue reading FNF: Season 2, Week 4