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E3 2019 Overview

The press conferences are over and E3 2019 has drawn to a close. It's been another week of the big publishers (except Sony) to show what's coming to our PCs, consoles and mobile devices over the next year or so. Instead of doing a play by play of each Conference, we've decided to mix it… Continue reading E3 2019 Overview


Unravel Two

In 2016, Yarny an adorable character made from thread (yarn) landed on our laps and took us on a beautiful and emotional journey. Not only was Coldwood Interactive's Unravel a visual treat but offered a moving puzzle adventure with physics based mechanics in a breathtaking landscape. So at the EA Play E3 conference when Unravel… Continue reading Unravel Two


E3 2018: EA Play

EA kicked off the string of E3 Press Conferences on Saturday with their EA Play keynote. For fans of EA it had everything we expect - sports, Anthem and a couple of little surprises. So here's what they showed off and some of our thoughts on what's coming from EA over the next year. Origin… Continue reading E3 2018: EA Play


E3 2017: EA Press Conference Round Up

So E3 is over for another year and we are left waiting for the titles we have seen announced to be released for our gaming pleasure, reflecting on what we are looking forward to getting our mits on later this year and in 2018. We wanted to bring you a whistle stop tourĀ of what each… Continue reading E3 2017: EA Press Conference Round Up


Battlefield 1 – Back to Basics

Now I know what you're thinking: 'Great, another first-person shooter, that's just what we need' and truth be told, you are not wrong. Now I'm not going to turn this into another title war, with the release of Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare, and Titanfall 2, all being released so close to one another.… Continue reading Battlefield 1 – Back to Basics