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E3 2017 – Nintendo Press Conference

Nintendo effectively closed out E3 with regards to the big press conferences, even though they did it the same way they’ve done in recent years as doing it as a Nintendo “Direct” stream event, rather than live press conference. Many looked to Nintendo as a last bastion of hope to ‘save’ E3 2017, as many… Continue reading E3 2017 – Nintendo Press Conference


Has Street Fighter V "V-Reversed" Its Fortunes?

This is actually my second attempt at writing a review for Street Fighter V. The first one being extremely long winded talking about target audiences and what not. It soon turned more into a rant about people complaining for the sake of complaining. But I kept adding more and more, and before long many of… Continue reading Has Street Fighter V "V-Reversed" Its Fortunes?

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Dying Light – Good Night, Good Luck, Good Game?

There's no denying that I was looking forward to TechLand's Dying Light from the off. It looked like it would be a fast paced, gore filled, adrenaline pumping action horror adventure. During EGX, I managed to get my hands on a timed demo (reviewed here) which gave me 8 minutes of game time which I… Continue reading Dying Light – Good Night, Good Luck, Good Game?

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The Order 1886 Review

The Order 1886 seems to have attracted very similar responses over the last few days since its release on the 20th February. Some positive, some negative but all heading along the same lines. Now I deliberately did not read any reviews in full prior to the release because, as always, everyone has an opinion and… Continue reading The Order 1886 Review