Octahedron: Transfixed Edition for Switch

If you cast your mind back a little ways, you may recall us playing Octahedron prior to its original release at EGX. Back then we were charmed by it and picked it up on PS4 so we could spend more time with it and hopefully become masters of this fast paced, puzzle platformer. We were… Continue reading Octahedron: Transfixed Edition for Switch


SkyScrappers for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a great platform for indie titles old and new. SkyScrappers originally landed on Steam and consoles back in 2015 but now it makes a return and this time, it's the turn of the Switch to offer another platform for this fast paced fighting game to make its return. SkyScrappers is a vertical… Continue reading SkyScrappers for Nintendo Switch


Serial Cleaner – The Review

Ah the 70s… an era of funky music, the sideburn and moustache combo, Watergate and murder. So it’s only logical that killer would need a little bit of assistance in cleaning up the mess after, right? Cast your mind back to EGX Rezzed and you may remember that we played the demo of Serial Cleaner… Continue reading Serial Cleaner – The Review

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Rogue Legacy – A Lovable Rogue of a Game

Up until recently I wasn't even aware this was hiding away in the PS store as a free game for PlayStation Plus members throughout February, in fact I only picked it up a day or two before March's offerings replaced it- probably because it was initially labelled as a PS Vita title it wasn't until… Continue reading Rogue Legacy – A Lovable Rogue of a Game