Doom Multiplayer Beta Impressions

After months of waiting, gamers got the chance to dive into the Doom multiplayer Beta during the first weekend of April. Early reviews were fairly mixed and it seemed that some folks were a little disappointed by what was on show. A good chunk of the Darkworld team managed to get involved with the Beta… Continue reading Doom Multiplayer Beta Impressions


Review: Quantum Break – Move over Dr Who…

Remedy has a rich history of 3rd Person, cinematic visuals with its unique twists pushing the technological limits of console hardware. Quantum break is no different, the game blends these tried and tested elements with an episodic live action series. It's been 6 Years since Alan Wake, a game regarded by many as one of… Continue reading Review: Quantum Break – Move over Dr Who…


Xbox Games With Gold – April 2016

Another month has passed and another month of free games is upon us. Microsoft has been teasing about a bumper month of releases following up on the success of March (See Here). They have hit the ball out the park this month with another superb line up of games so let's see what we have… Continue reading Xbox Games With Gold – April 2016


Stella Glow Review: Let The Witches Sing

Stella Glow is the latest and unfortunately last title from Japanese Developer Imageepoch after filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. When it comes to making an exit they have produced a game that they should be proud to call their last. A strategy RPG that looks like it could get swept away in the sea… Continue reading Stella Glow Review: Let The Witches Sing


Bravely Second (3DS) Review

First things first, if you've not played Bravely Default, this games' predecessor, I would very highly suggest against purchasing this game, due to it's numerous throwbacks to that title, and given that the two are very similar, playing the first game will do a lot more for you than jumping in headfirst with the sequel.… Continue reading Bravely Second (3DS) Review