DMC: Devil May Cry Review

Devil May Cry first burst onto the PS2 in 2001. The game followed the anti-hero called Dante on a somewhat plotless grind through a castle. Dante was armed with a melee weapon, duel pistols, daft white hair, a bad attitude and a seriously barbed tongue. It was this barbed tongue and fluid combination style hack… Continue reading DMC: Devil May Cry Review


Oh Sir…! The Review

If there’s one thing I’m terrible at, it’s insulting people. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I’m not a horrible person and I really dislike offending people and secondly, I'm not good at comebacks so combining a swear word or similar with a well-loved food item is my usual go to. Prepare… Continue reading Oh Sir…! The Review


Football Manager 2018 Review

Football manager is something of an industry in its own right. Having started out as Championship Manager in 1993 it has grown into perhaps the biggest sports simulation franchise out there, frankly if you are into football and have never heard of it, where have you been hiding? The series has been blamed for many… Continue reading Football Manager 2018 Review


Shadow of War Review

If you haven't experienced Shadow of Mordor yet (which you really should consider doing), you play as Talion, a captain of Gondor who serves at the Black gate. The Black Gate is attacked by Sauron's forces and in the process, Talion along with his wife and son are ritually sacrificed by 3 Black Numenoren Captains… Continue reading Shadow of War Review


Looking Ahead to 2018’s Releases

Since we've looked back at our favourite games of 2017, we can also take a moment to look ahead to the announced releases for 2018 and see which titles are tickling our writers' fancy! (Better late than never hey folks!) Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – Capcom – Kuniku – 16 January 2018 Street Fighter… Continue reading Looking Ahead to 2018’s Releases