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E3 2017 – Nintendo Press Conference

Nintendo effectively closed out E3 with regards to the big press conferences, even though they did it the same way they’ve done in recent years as doing it as a Nintendo “Direct” stream event, rather than live press conference. Many looked to Nintendo as a last bastion of hope to ‘save’ E3 2017, as many… Continue reading E3 2017 – Nintendo Press Conference


Rapture Gaming Festival 2017

We were recently invited down to a new gaming event here in Colchester called Rapture Gaming Festival. Based at Charter Hall this was the first event put together from the team but we are hoping it will be far from the last. This was a full on weekend event that also included an evening after party… Continue reading Rapture Gaming Festival 2017

News, Previews

Destiny 2 Reveal – Impressions from a Veteran

As you know, we here at Darkworld Gaming have been with Destiny since the beginning. From the first open beta, to launch, through various posts about why we continued to play right through until this final Age of Triumph offering. I was determined that Bungie wouldn’t suck me in again. I wouldn’t let them convince… Continue reading Destiny 2 Reveal – Impressions from a Veteran