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“Never say never!” – what’s next for Battle Brothers?

When an "update" for a game becomes a "full blown DLC", you know that a developer's love for their game has been rekindled. In a revealing interview for Darkworld Gaming, Battle Brothers developer Jaysen shared with us his joy at "getting his fire back" for the superb 2017 release (reviewed here back at its release time),… Continue reading “Never say never!” – what’s next for Battle Brothers?



World of Mixed Martial Arts 5, or WMMA 5, is the fifth and final instalment of this series from Grey Dog Software’s Adam Ryland (Total Extreme Wrestling, Comic Book Hero, plus others). WMMA 5 puts you in charge of a company in a fictional world of cage fighting. Through careful scouting, hiring, and clever matchmaking,… Continue reading WMMA 5