Growl, Masque of the Red Death & Trogdor!!

We apologise for the hiatus during the Summer months but sadly, life, work and all that other stuff sometimes takes over from playing new games as you get stuck in the same old routine. We have been playing Siege, Overwatch and other titles that we are familiar with rather than getting involved in new releases.… Continue reading Growl, Masque of the Red Death & Trogdor!!

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E3 2019 Overview

The press conferences are over and E3 2019 has drawn to a close. It's been another week of the big publishers (except Sony) to show what's coming to our PCs, consoles and mobile devices over the next year or so. Instead of doing a play by play of each Conference, we've decided to mix it… Continue reading E3 2019 Overview


Mortal Kombat 11 – Guest Review!

As much as I, DingleTheViking (Previously Kuniku), am a fan of fighting games I've never enjoyed the style of the NRS titles - so felt I would struggle to give a fair review - so I asked my younger brother if he'd like to do a guest spot for us. So check out Xerte's first… Continue reading Mortal Kombat 11 – Guest Review!


Super Blood Hockey – Retro “Sports” Fun!

Aside from my recent return to the lands of Skyrim, most of my lunch breaks this year have been spent playing indie games on my Switch while sat in my car. Which is why a great deal of my reviews have been about retro-style pixel art indie gems. Most of these have been hack and… Continue reading Super Blood Hockey – Retro “Sports” Fun!


Katana Zero

Retro-Style 8/16bit indie titles are all the rage currently, they bring a sense of nostalgia even when the games aren’t themselves old or remasters. And a lot of these titles follow old genre tropes, be it platformer, “Metroidvania” or RPG – usually while throwing in their own mechanics to add a twist that makes them… Continue reading Katana Zero