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Cat Quest 2: The “Mew” Game from The Gentlebros

I was quite late to the party with the first Cat Quest, I’m not sure if it just sailed right by me without me realising, or if I did see it I didn’t think it was worth checking out – but eventually it did catch my eye when I saw it on sale on the Nintendo Switch’s online store, I promtly snapped it up and soon sunk countless hours into playing and replaying the game over and over again. Cat Quest soon became one of my most played games on the Switch.

So boy was I excited when Cat Quest 2 was announced. More adorable cats (and dogs now), more excellent puns to make me chuckle and generally more of everything that made me fall in love with Cat Quest.

The main new feature introduced in Cat Quest 2 is that you’re no longer a lone Cat against the world, you now have a canine companion joining in on the action. The two heroes can be played by a single player, swapping between active character while the CPU takes over the other or by two players playing couch co-op for some hilarious action with a friend.

So far I’ve only really played it solo, besides playing the demo at EGX Rezzed with Lefranzine, and I’m not convinced, from a solo player perspective, that the two characters add much to the game beyond the story aspects involved with having two heroes. I mostly just played as one character, and if that character died I’d use the second as a “free continue” to kite enemies away far enough to get the other character back up. Which possibly allowed the game to be slightly more difficult – if it was balanced around this idea.

By no means am I saying that I disliked the two characters being a new mechanic – as adding couch co-op to such a great game is always going to be a great thing. Being able to share those cat and dog puns with my wife, shooting that knowing side glance her way is always going to get a big tick in my book!

I loved the simplistic, but enthralling, combat of the original, and that largely continues with Cat Quest 2. There appears to be more variety in weapon choices and “character builds” in the new itteration, with more stat options than previously given. I fully imagine that pairing up with another player will provide some excellent combat potential that cannot truely be unlocked in single player mode. (Or at least not without some crazy high APM!)

The map seems much, much larger this time around, adding a whole new kingdom to the mix, and if the fast travel portal room is anything to go by – the map could get bigger down the road.

The only thing I thought was missing, and probably because until I searched for it I didn’t realise it was an update for the first game, was the “New Game Plus”. Because I was late to the first game, it was already a feature when I brought it, and it was what gave the awesome replayability of the game. I really enjoyed just grinding it out with each run getting quicker and quicker as the gear upgrades. To the extent that I unfortunately rushed my playthrough of Cat Quest 2, thinking that starting New Game Plus straight away would give me a bit more leeway for exploring some of the harder areas – so was somewhat disappointed when the New Game Plus option wasn’t there.

I can only assume that it will follow in a later update, hopefully not too far down the line.

In conclusion, I loved Cat Quest, I love Cat Quest 2. If you enjoyed the first game, you’ll definitely enjoy this. Adding the couch co-op aspect is a touch of brilliance, even if it is one I’ve not had time to fully explore yet – but given that Lefranzine hasn’t played much Cat Quest so far, I’m excited to sit down with her and introduce her to the lands of Felingard and the Lupus Empire…

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