Untitled Goose Game

Every now and again, a gem of an indie game appears on our consoles and PCs. These games may not be the longest or most involved but they have a lot of heart and provide some great entertainment. Enter the Untitled Goose Game in which you play a Goose who is up to no good in a small English countryside village. Sounds ludicrous right? Well how about we tell you a little more about it…

Everyone knows that Geese can be unapproachable and the Untitled Goose Game takes this unfortunate character trait and turns it into a fun “stealth” game. How is this possible you may ask? Well with your basic controls of run, open your wings, pick up and honk, you get to terrorize villagers who are just going about their own business while you ruin their day. You accomplish this by going through your to do list and crossing off the tasks the game has set for you but the villagers will be keeping an eye on you. House House confirmed in a recent tweet that the game is untitled and is therefore an Untitled Goose Game if you were wondering about the title!


While the games premise may sound simple, it’s quite fun and challenging at times. Just when you think you’ve managed to sneak away, a villager will run on over to snatch whatever item you have stolen back. Some of the items on your to do list will also require a little bit of trial and error before you’ll likely figure it out which means you’ll be at it for little while. The game took us about 4 hours to complete as there are 5 areas to cover with more to do items to unlock once you’ve finished your first run through but it also offers an extra challenge once completed to clear the items before the church bells ring. I’ve yet to finish this extra to do list as rushing around leads to mistakes being made which can ruin your run and require a reset. But for folks who like to speed run, this Goose Game will offer a little something extra for you.

Gameplay wise, it is simple and fun as far as concept and controls goes. You’ll enjoy honking and stealing stuff, figuring out how to get around the villagers and reveling in the sheer fun of the game. It’s charming and silly, but most of all, it’s a little but Goosey which is certainly a highlight. It’s not all just about running in, grabbing the thing you want and running off. This game requires distractions, calculated approaches and sometimes just outrunning the villager before they can catch you. I didn’t find the to do lists repetitive as each area builds a little on the former and you have the extra items to mix it up a little.


Graphically, the game also remains simple with a delightful cartoon style which suits the game to a tee. It’s colourful, lovely and somehow still manages to capture a quaint countryside town really well. The game doesn’t make it difficult to achieve your goals as everything is in plain sight, you just have to seek the item you need out. The villagers also have their own personalities that show through in the way they react to the Goose and go about their business. Whether it’s the kid who is scared of the Goose or the lady with the broom who is ready to chase you away at any moment, they are entertaining and bring a little extra character to it all. But it’s also supported I think by the music which adds some drama and if its possible, even more delight to the game. You wouldn’t think a tune played on the piano could be so effective but it really does just bring the game together to be the icing on the Goose shaped cake.

The only thing I really wish was that the game was a little longer. Maybe it’s just because I want excuses to play it other than having a reason to be a Goose shaped jerk to people but even one or two more areas would probably scratch that itch. There’s nothing more satisfying than a really good honking but maybe that is what makes the game so good, the fact that it doesn’t get repetitive because it’s short and sweet? I would like to think so but if House House ever decide to throw in another level or two as DLC, I would certainly be game for some more Goosing. Perhaps a “Canadian Goose” DLC…?


Overall, I wanted to keep this review short and sweet because that seem suitably appropriate for this game. It really is delightful. Not only is it a fun and silly concept but it really is a giggle and offers a few hours of honking fun. I especially enjoyed trying to work out a few of the tricker challenges and talking them through with DingletheViking and working it out together or sharing some sort of subtle hints to help steer in the right direction. Untitled Goose Game offers a lovely few hours of fun and if you have a PC or a Switch, you should part with some of your pennies and get this game… or the Goose will get you.



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