Life is Strange 2: Wastelands

Following the crazy events at the end of episode 2, I genuinely feel like I have made some terrible choices when speaking to Daniel about his powers. Now episode 3, Wastelands, has arrived and I can confirm that I have definitely made some poor decisions. What I do find nice and very useful is the catch up at the beginning as it shows the Diaz wolf brothers and the journey they have taken so far in case you have forgotten what happened previously as it reminds me of these choices. So without further ado, I’ll share my thoughts on the latest episode of Life is Strange 2.

The game initially takes us back in time to a few weeks before the incident that started this all off. I started to get the feeling that this episode was going to be about Daniel not listening to Sean and then falling out over everything but as always, Mr Diaz is the voice of reason and manages to remind Sean he is the big brother and needs to look out for his kid brother. Once done, we find Sean in a tent and it’s at this point you should be sure to check out the journal to fill in the gap of the last couple of months. I liked the journal as a method for explaining this, but it’s possible you could skip it and end up not knowing what’s happening.


This episode features a lot of trying to do the right thing to stop Daniel flipping out. I have decided that Daniel irritates me beyond belief although this may be due to my dislike of children who mouth off when they shouldn’t. Daniel is being a little reckless with the use of his powers but also demonstrates that he is more powerful that Sean thinks at times. Daniel annoyed me in this episode, it seems that no matter what you tried to do, Daniel would go against it. I even tried to go out of my way to make sure I did things for him first rather than going off to see others in the camp when I could! It just seems that I have another two episodes of being irritated by this kid and I truly hope Daniel realises what a pest he has been.

Sean faces the choice between his brother and his new group of friends. Daniel makes it clear that you always seem to choose the others over him… to be fair, I would probably pick getting drunk or whatnot with friends rather than babysit a child, however you can’t help but feel responsible for the kid. The main issue is that because Sean is the older brother, he is being held accountable for the things Daniel does and that’s not putting you in a great position. I decided to not intervene in anything this time around because nothing seems to go right when Sean tries. Whether or not this was the right decision is to be seen but I felt like I was doing ok. I did make sure to interact with Finn and Cassidy as much as I could but I also guess we’ll see how things pan out in the next episode.


We were introduced to a couple of new techniques in this episode with the knife throwing and even a little bit of stealth. Sadly the trimming of weed was a bit longer than I would have liked and meant that I was too busy watching the screen and not paying attention to the conversation that was happening around me because I was having to focus on hitting the buttons at the right time. I wasn’t too keen on this sequence personally which was a shame but not every technique can work for everyone.

The episode did flow well and a lot happens over the period of a couple of days. There is a particular scene where they are all gathered around the campfire which gives you an opportunity to draw in your journal while people share their worst memories. It was nice to have the moment to do a drawing as I do enjoy these sections and it wasn’t too labour intensive I could still keep up with the conversations and finish the drawing. As usual, the music is great and really adds to the overall feel of the episode. I even found myself doing a little dance along with the music as, even though not my usual genre, it was causing me to get my groove on. I still think the music in the Life is Strange games has always been on point and is certainly one of the perks of continuing to play.


With only two episodes left and an ending that did cause my jaw to drop somewhat, I really have no idea what the last couple of hours of this series will bring. The teaser for the next episode has me worried and a little baffled but I can’t wait for it to get here in a couple of months time. Overall, this is another good episode and if you can get past Daniel being a brat and the trimming sequence then you’re in for another whirlwind adventure. I really am not sure what the next instalment will bring but I have the feeling it’s going to be a crazy ride with lots of twists and turns.

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