Overcooked 2!

For those of you who have been following Darkworld Gaming for a while now, you will be well aware that Overcooked captured our hearts in 2016 when it was released and quickly became one of our favourite party games to enjoy with friends… so much so that as soon as it became available on the Switch, we were sure to buy it all over again! So when Overcooked 2 was announced at E3… we were overjoyed! Release day has come and gone with Overcooked 2 bringing a new bunch of kitchens and recipes to challenge us, as friendships and relationships are tested in this new instalment in the series. You’ve heard the phrase ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ before, but with kitchens like this, it’s all hands on deck!


Overcooked 2 brings us a new story to tackle in the Onion Kingdom, with the Onion King reading from the Necro-nomnom-icon and inadvertently starting the Rise of the Un-bread! It’s up to you, chefs, to save the Kingdom and keep the Un-bread at bay. With some new additions to the world map such as switches which allow you to raise ramps to reach more levels, Kevin’s secret levels for completing challenges as you go and some little touches which make this game all the sweeter, you’ll be eager to keep playing! Also, you may find yourself on the chef hunt as you unlock more chefs the further you go which include some pretty awesome characters that you may all end up fighting over!

While the premise of the game remains the same, work together (or on your own) to complete recipes and get those orders out in the right order while overcoming the obstacles thrown at you as you try to cook! You could be cooking in a hot air balloon that is also on fire, you could be in a mine with shifting scenery or in a wizards kitchen with staircases that move. Once you get to grips with these abstract kitchen locations, you can get to work on putting things together. Overcooked 2 has added some new recipes this time around such as pizzas, steamed dishes as well as Sashimi and fried chicken. There’s lots to keep you busy and of course, trying to negotiate moving workspaces to stop pans catching fire while chopping ingredients and washing up plates is all part of the job. A new method of getting the raw materials of your meals around is with the throwing mechanic which is incredibly helpful at times! You can lob over tomatoes, cheese or rice in their chopped and uncooked forms to help speed up the cooking process a little. This doesn’t extend to pots, pans or plates but you can aim and throw you produce to another chef, work surface and if you’re really good, you might even get it in the pan from a distance. This is a particularly helpful tool when you are limited to two players as it helps speed things up a little and also allows you to manage these kitchen tasks a bit better.


So far, we have only managed to spend time with only 2 chefs and tested out the solo option as well (which is quite hard to manage two people at once unless you are particularly skilled at all of the multitasking) so we are looking forward to having a full kitchen of heroes. However, we now have the option for local play and online co-op and versus modes which is a great addition to the game. With Emotes being a new feature too, you can communicate with your friends using this as a method to telling chefs what you need or that you’re cooking or washing up right now. It has also been announced that there will also be a New Game + mode which promises a fourth star to try and achieve along with hotter kitchens to present more of a challenge for those of us who crave blood, sweat and tears as part of our cooking exploits… I can forsee many fun evenings ahead.


Which ever platform you get Overcooked 2 on, you will have a lot of fun, some laughs, some shock with maybe a dash of horror but most of all you will have a good time! Much like its predecessor, it is a delightful game offering hours of entertainment with family and friends… maybe not kids though, you may end up shouting at them, putting them off helping with family meals for the rest of their lives! We here at Darkworld Gaming love the Overcooked games and they most certainly will remain firm favorites in our collections for years to come.

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