Unravel Two

In 2016, Yarny an adorable character made from thread (yarn) landed on our laps and took us on a beautiful and emotional journey. Not only was Coldwood Interactive’s Unravel a visual treat but offered a moving puzzle adventure with physics based mechanics in a breathtaking landscape. So at the EA Play E3 conference when Unravel Two was announced and subsequently released, fans of the first game flocked to purchase the new game. We have finally managed to sit down with Unravel Two and wanted to share our thoughts with you about Yarny’s new adventure.


Yarny is shipwrecked at an unknown location but finds a new friend who is also made of thread and carries the same Spark that Yarny had! After linking their yarn, the two head off on a new adventure working together to traverse beautiful natural and urban terrain. One of the biggest changes to this new game is that you can now control your two Yarnys by switching between them when needed but if you have a friend who wants to play too, you have the option for co-op! As the game enables this new feature, it opens up the opportunity for a shared gaming experience, however player 2 can jump in whenever they like so you aren’t held up should you wish to play solo or with someone else.

As expected, Unravel Two is just as visually beautiful and its predecessor with the natural landscapes in the background while the two Yarnys negotiate rocks, trees, drops and climbs in the foreground. While the mechanics are the same albeit with the added buttons to allow for swapping between or carrying the other Yarny, it feels familiar and comforting as you fall straight back in as though you had never stopped playing. However the platforming aspect feels much smoother and ever switching between characters seems effortless as you swing and leap through the air to reach the next ledge or even swing each other to bridge bigger gaps. It’s simply a delight to play.


There is an underlying story in the background, this time about two friends, but I won’t spoil anything about that for you. However there are still collectibles and if you like a little bit more of a challenge there are in fact challenge levels to really test you. Unravel Two is a game that keeps you constantly moving and working to negotiate through the landscape, whether it’s a thrilling chase by a creature who would love to gobble up two woolen companions or a death-defying climb which can cause frustration should you misstep. You still lasso your yarn to climb and swing or tie knots to build bridges allowing you to jump higher. Subsequently you can untie these knots to retrieve your yarn so you don’t leave it behind. The game flows very well and even in the most difficult circumstances, you’ll need to use all the tricks you can to get through.


There isn’t much else to say except go get this game. It’s adorable and fun and even if you haven’t played the first Unravel, you can still enjoy this experience. The addition of a second Yarny is charming and livens up the puzzle and platforming aspect as you will need to have the pair of threaded friends work together by swinging each other or carrying each other as you play through. While I adored the Blue and Red Yarnys, the ability to also change their colours to personalise your experience a little which I found delightful as I changed to have a white and purple Yarny working together. There are now also emoticons of sorts as you can now make your Yarny pull adorable poses too so you can either get some great screenshots or just play around with your friend while you enjoy your adventure together. Unravel Two is another beautiful title which you should most certainly spend some time with, I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

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