Bomb Chicken

It’s not every day you receive communications which mention the words ‘chicken’ and ‘bomb’ in the same sentence but when you do, you most certainly prick your ears up. So imagine being a chicken in a fast food manufacturing plant called the BFC when you lay bombs instead of eggs as a means of trying to escape the factory. Now imagine being able to take this adventure with you on the Switch! It’s essentially a match made in heaven! So come with us now as we share our thoughts on the new release from Nitrome Ltd, Bomb Chicken.


I’ll be honest, when I read the description, I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it however I was pleasantly surprised to find almost straight away that this was actually going to be a challenging action adventure platformer with a puzzle element as you try and work out how to access certain areas in order to to move forward through the levels. As you may have guessed, the difficulty increases the further you go.

Laying a bomb may sound like a simple mechanic as you would expect to blow things up that are in your way, however you also need to use these bombs to get over gaps with spikes and traps as well as punting them at unsuspecting factory workers or laying them as a stack to reach higher platforms. But you must beware as chickens aren’t immune to explosions and are prone to being blown up should they stay to close when the bombs go off. This makes the game quite a fast paced affair at times as you’ll need to quickly lay a stack of bombs to reach a ledge while trying to outrun a large saw which is looking to turn you into nuggets. Your bombs can also be used as a barricade, a weight and a means reach impassable areas which comes in very handy the further you get.


You’ll also collect blue gems along the way and if you get enough and reach one of the chicken shrines, you’ll obtain another heart container giving you some more health for those later areas where failure is likely. If you don’t have enough gems, you’ll have to explore some more to see if there’s an area you’ve missed as they can be above or below you in this labyrinth.

The one thing that I did love about this game was the pixelated art style graphics. I found it charming and quirky which suited the overall feel of the game well. The sound also compliments the action with explosions, squawking and a tribal style soundtrack to support the idea of the chicken shrines. The only issue of course is when you blow up your chicken friend and they lot out that awful squawk… so I would suggest avoiding that where possible. The system has a sort of auto save mechanic at certain points so you aren’t stuck always having to return to the beginning if you lose a life. You only seem to return to the start of a level if you lose all of the your lives and end up as a BFC bucket meal.


Luckily, the games controls are simple as you move with the sticks and and lay bombs… that’s it. This makes this an easy game for folks to pick up and play but also rather challenging as it’s more about how you use the bombs over everything else that makes Bomb Chicken an enjoyable platformer. It’s certainly a title which is well suited to the Switch as you can spend an hour or so playing and then pick it up as and when depending on what mood you’re in.


If you are looking for more fun and funky titles to add to your Switch library of Nindie titles, Bomb Chicken is certainly one to consider. It’s simple, yet effective as a platformer and for those of you who like a bit of a challenge, you may certainly enjoy what it has to offer. With baddies, traps and bosses to bomb the hell out of and three worlds to explore, Bomb Chicken will provide hours of entertainment while giving you an insight into how the chickens plan on bringing down those who would use them for food.

Bomb Chicken is available on the Nintendo eShop now!

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