E3 2018: Sony Press Conference

Sony returned to E3 with a somewhat oddly paced show this time around, however with PSX in December, Sony may be saving any big reveals for then. For now though, we got some updated trailers for these up and coming games which are most certainly looking exciting!

The Last of Us Part II

I was hoping for the release date for The Last of Us Part II however, I am very satisfied with that Naughty Dog had to show at E3. Opening with the wonderful theme played live by Gustavo, it was finally time to see more! Ellie really is all grown up, there is a hint that her and Joel are in a community that they have become part of and relationships are forming. The tender kiss which seamlessly moved into a violent gameplay sequence and back again was most certainly a dramatic and beautiful way of showcasing the game for us. The gameplay looks to follow the same style as in The Last of Us but playing as Ellie as she rather brutally takes down enemies and takes a few hard hits herself. The game looks sstunning, dark and harsh where humans seem to almost be a bigger threat than the infected. There is more I could say, but I do think the trailer speaks for itself. I really can’t wait to see more from Naughty Dog and am crossing everything for an early release in 2019 so the wait will finally be over.

God of War Update

For those of you who haven’t finished or picked up God of War yet, you really should get on with it, but don’t rush because it’s too good to rush through. Sony announced an update which will be available for God of War to keep us coming back for more by adding New Game + but it won’t be here imminently so you will still have time to enjoy the game before the new content is fully revealed.

Ghost of Tsushima

Opening with another musical interlude but this time with a Japanese flute, Ghost of Tsushima was revealed. Showing of the gameplay straight off the bat, we can see the devestating aftermath of battle as our protagonist mounts his steed and rides through the beautiful fields to his destination. But of course, a game of this type is bound to have some fighting an it certainly looked smooth and impressive as you use your sword to parry the enemy attacks before delivering a devastating blow. After teaming up with an ally, it changes to more of a stealthy approach with some parkour as our warrior positions himself ready to take down the enemies inside the temple. As things take an unexpected turn, we see another fight sequence in a stunning surrounding. Ghost of Tsushima is looking to be a wonderful title to look forward to.

Death Stranding

No one knows what’s going on in Death Stranding but the new trailer shows a little more of the world that you will traverse with Norman Reedus as he carries boxes and even bodies through a variety of landscapes, exploring before we see more of a glimpse of those invisible creatures that these characters are desperate not to get caught by. If nothing else, it does make you wonder what on Earth is going on. Death Stranding looks like it will either be phenomenal or will completely miss the mark with an audience who has waited patiently for any clues! While graphically the game does look beautiful, I’ll be interested to see what the story is!

Nioh 2

Nothing was said about Nioh 2 but this teaser may certainly interest those of you who ground your way through Nioh!

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man is shaping up to be an impressive game. Not only visually but in the way it plays. The gameplay trailer looked incredible, reminding me of the ‘Arkham’ Batman games but with that all important Spidey twist. The combat looks smooth and inventive as you use the webs and your spider senses to take down the criminals before zipping around outside to show off some web swinging action. I’m not entirely sure if my jaw came up off the floor during the trailer and this is one gamers should be excited about when it is released!

Kingdom Hearts III – Pirates of the Caribbean

With Kingdom Hearts III being announced during previous showcase, the addition of Pirates of the Caribbean is truly inspired and the brief gameplay shown looked exciting and brings an interesting dynamic to the series. Square Enix and Disney really are going all out on this game which will have made it worth the wait and you will only have to wait until January. Plus, there will be a Kingdom Hearts package available only on PS4.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Back in Black Map Update

Call of Duty is getting a new update with 4 remastered maps – Jungle, Summit, Slums and Firing Range if you pre-order Black Ops 4! If you don’t have Black Ops 3, it’s free on PS Plus for the rest of the month! Check out the trailer!


Control’s trailer introduced us to a world where out protagonist appears to be able to be telekinetic as she moves things with her mind. Nothing more was said except that the game is due in 2019.  It certainly looks like it will have interesting combat and gameplay mechanics and it will be interesting to see more from Control as the release date gets closer.

Resident Evil 2

Need we say anything other than the Resident Evil remakes continue!? Fans rejoice as it will be arriving in January 2019!

Trover Saves the Universe

If you like comedy and action platformers, then this game may be for you! Bright, colourful and crazy, will you be saving the Universe with Trover on PS4 and PS VR?

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Bungie revealed the upcoming Forsaken content, which will be available in September, last week. To recap, not only will this expansion bring new content, it will be changing many aspects in the game, including the tone. This trailer has broken my heart as Cayde-6 is my favorite character in Destiny, so if he is truly dead, I’m not sure how I will feel about it. There will be a new area of the Reef to explore call The Tangled Shore but also brings us a new enemy in the form of the Scorn who are the latest alien race to find themselves on the receiving end of many bullets. There will be a new weapon type – the bow which does look like a lot of fun and comes in varying ranges as well as Baron Hunts. Weapon slots are being changed so you aren’t restricted any longer and can equip whatever combination you like. There will be a new sub class for you to get to grips with as well as new weapons and armor. As someone who hasn’t been back to Destiny 2 in a while, there’s certainly some interesting updates which could tempt me into returning to the game.

Even though some may not feel as though Sony’s offerings this year were satisfying, what was shown was damn good. But Sony has been announcing and showcasing a number of games following the conference such as Moss, Overkill’s The Walking Dead, Insurgency: Sandstorm and Jurassic World: Evolution among others which can all be found on their YouTube channel and you should definitely check them out!

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