E3 2018: Ubisoft Press Conference

Well it’s that time at E3 when Ubisoft put on one of THE shows of the entire event. Let’s not even mess around, let’s get stuck in.

Just Dance 2019

It wasn’t much of a surprise when Ubisoft opened with Just Dance. It’s a fun and energetic game which will always be a great opening act for the show with the vibrance, loud and proud music and of course, the dancing. You know what to expect with Just Dance so get involved… plus, you know, a dancing Panda!

Beyond Good and Evil 2

After being announced last year, we have all been waiting for another glimpse of Beyond Good and Evil 2. The teaser looked stunning and the story looks to be innovative and exciting. As a plus, the community is getting involved and having Joseph Gordon-Levitt appear on the stage for HitRecord made that clear. This is amazing news! Please, if you have something to offer, get involve as this is such a great opportunity to collaborate as a community! It’s an action RPG which you can play on your own or with your friends. This game is going to be exciting, beautiful and innovate, all of which are evident in the trailer and the gameplay seen at this E3 conference. Give it to us, give it to us now!

Rainbow Six Siege update

Siege is still a well played title and I’m so happy about this in so many ways, not just because I recently started playing PC after my initial foray into PS4 when the game first released. 35 million players and counting. This is great news! There was also mention of the Pro League coming up in a couple of weeks which should be incredibly exciting for R6S fans who are into their ESports. While I’m not good enough to compete, you might well be, so keep playing and take your Siege gameplay to another level.

Trials Rising

After a dramatic and ‘smooth’ entrance, Trials is returning in 2019. If you love Trials Fusion you may well want to get involved with this! With those well known attempts at completing those hard courses and taking on your friends, you’ll be wanting to hone your skills and show everyone how good you are. While I wasn’t a fan of the multiplayer in Fusion, it is something that is worth giving a try and ultimately, it’s all about the challenge that Trials offers. It’s great to see that the community have been involved in shaping this game and they can also get involved in the beta later this year! Coming to us February 2019 and also on the Switch, Rising should be another fun addition to the Trials family.

The Division 2

After being announced at the Xbox conference previously, The Division 2 got a more peronal touch from the Ubi developers as the story was explained. After a virus is released on Black Friday, the world has descended into chaos. The infection has spread and factions are out there, taking what they want. This looks to be The Division, but amplified and in this world, you will have to fight these factions and restore some semblance of order as the last line of defense. But don’t forget, according to the devs, your actions have consequences! Once you finish the campaign, you will choose your end game progression path, which is incredibly interesting as you get to choose your role, build a team and enhance your gaming experience. Plus there will be room for 8 players for RAIDS IN THE DIVISION 2!!!! For fans of The Division, this is great news and I for one am considering returning to get involved with this one as the devs plan to launch episodes (which will be completely FREE for everyone) and future content. The wait isn’t too long either as it will be here March 15th 2019!

Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure

Then musicians took to the stage and everything suddenly was magical! Donkey Kong and Mario Rabbids! This is madness! Madness I tell you! Made all the more interesting and dramatic by having a live performance of the music which was wonderful! Adding DK into the mix adds new levels and of course general DK opportunities in gameplay! It will be available 26th June so check out the trailer if you have picked up Rabbids.

Skull & Bones

Since Skull & Bones was announced last year, our piracy senses have been tingling and waiting patiently for news of gameplay, story or anything at all. This game looks to be offering an action packed, pirate adventure. Piracy is dead and we’re heading to the Indian Ocean in search of loot, by which we mean that we’re going to be stealing everything. Seeing the gameplay and getting an idea of the objectives, surroundings and narrative was a nice surprise too. The Hunting Grounds showed us our options when it comes to obtaining treasure which could be stealth and deception or full scale attack. The choice is yours. It’s a shared world where every encounter matters! If you haven’t been converted to a pirates life yet, maybe you well now!

Transference VR

You may remember Transference being teased last E3 and it left a lot of us scratching our heads. Elijah Wood was on stage explaining about it idea behind the game which was a nice touch. The story telling of film which the immersive nature of video games. It’s a first person exploration game however there is a mystery to it all which means you need to escape this mind bending psychological thriller. I don’t know about you but I’m not sure I could cope with this is VR but boy does it look exciting and mildly terrifying.


Space exploration never looked so exciting. A mixture of No Man’s Sky and something I’ve not quite experienced before with space battles, exploring, building your ship by actually physically changing your ship to suit your needs. You can discover planets, create factions and of course make your ship the best is can be. As an added bonus for those who pick it up on Nintendo Switch – STARFOX! Best of all, it’s heading to us in October 2018 across all platforms!

For Honor – Marching Fire

Now For Honor initially seemed to be a bit of a slow burner but we are starting to realise that the community really has grown since release. It’s great to see that the game is developing and growing! As an added bonus the PC starter edition is being given away for free on UPlay over the E3 week and they are about to expand the world. Offering an exciting and impressive trailer, For Honor is about to get bigger and Ubisoft are hoping it will bring new players into the ranks along with the new content with China being thrown into the mix with new faction and new fighters. It’s their biggest and most ambitious content so far but is also offering a 4v4 mode called Bridge. For Honor fans and newcomers, this is how we fight.

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 isn’t too far off but even closer is the beta. Offering a racing experience which isn’t limited to the roads as you take to the sea and sky, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this game. If it’s your cup of tea, be sure to sign up for the beta for your chance to test out what the game has to offer!

Assassins Creed Odyssey

I was skeptical when the teaser was announced as I felt we needed more of a gap as it felt like Origins “done” yet, but then this happened. Ancient Greece. Assassins. That landscape. War. Boats. The Greek Pantheon. A variety of weapons. An epic experience. It’s not just an adventure, it’s an RPG which is taking place on land and on sea in Ancient Greece. As an outcast, you will be the mercenary Greece needs, the story will be shaped by your actions and choices but the first thing is getting to choose between Alexios or Kassandra who you will play for the entire game. I won’t lie, already this game is so appealing to me and the fact that you can Spartan kick people off ledges just enhances that experience… and Socrates dropping in of course makes it all the better. I think the addition of dialogue choices is interesting and I look forward to seeing how this will change the course of the story. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be released on October 5th and will have multiple editions for you to choose from!

Ubisoft always deliver at E3 with their fun and vibrant shows. There’s an exciting line up of games coming our way and Ubisoft show us why they are one of the leading developers of the E3 conference.

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