E3 2018: Bethesda

Our E3 coverage continues here at Darkworld Gaming, with a quick break down of the hour and a half thrill ride that was Bethesda’s Press Conference.

Bethesda opened with a beautiful video show reel about Bethesda as a company, their ideals and it made them seem like a great company to be a part of – it certainly made me want to go work there! This was followed by a montage of Bethesda’s various titles over recent years.

And then it was onto the main part of the show – the games!

Rage 2

First on the list (of my 4 pages of notes) is the recently leaked, and then announced, Rage 2. This was brilliantly hit on with an excellent dig at the leak as they “announced it through our partners at Walmart Canada”.

Suddenly out comes Andrew WK to do a live performance of the demo’s theme song, before breaking into a new extended trailer and gameplay demo of the game.

The gameplay looked fantastic, the graphics were stunning, and I thought that the “game feel” was on point. The weapons sound and feel incredibly powerful – something that I fully imagine will make for a very satisfying experience when it launches in Spring 2019

Elder Scrolls Legends

The ever-popular card game based on the Elder Scrolls franchise was next up. It is relaunching with updated visuals as of “right now” and it is also coming to all 3 current consoles. If you play the mobile/tablet version already, you can port your progress between them via account.

Elder Scrolls Online

Out came the representative for ESO, who passionately spoke about ESO’s history, the studio’s love of the title and its community, reeling off impressive numbers and showing a video depicting the game’s storied history.

With Summerset just launching (keep an eye out for our review soon!), they also announced the “Wolf Hunter” and “Merkmire” DLC. The first is a werewolf dungeon DLC out soon, while the second is a story based DLC focusing on Argonian lore out later this year.


Doom Eternal

Opening with a trailer that immediately set the Doom fans on edge, revealing the title of the sequel to Doom: Doom Eternal. There weren’t a lot of details, as they quickly announced that more details would be revealed at the upcoming Quakecon. But they did say it’s a sequel to the 2016 Doom, it has a whole load more Demons, it’s a whole lot bigger and we’ll experience “Hell on Earth”.

Certainly one to watch out for!

Quake Champions

The updates for this were largely focused on their intent to push Quake Champions as an esports title. Including new features and an upcoming free to play trial, ahead of the game itself going free to play later this year.

The free to play trial starts this week, and if you take part in it during this week, you’ll be allowed to continue playing the game, for free!

And to build the hype, obviously a new trailer was shown off.


Another “Right Now!” game update for Prey, featuring 3 new game modes, Story, New Game + and Survival. As well as the announcement of two new DLC updates, Mooncrash and Typhon Hunter. Mooncrash is a replayable scenario, which is unique every time – possibly even procedurally generated? Which came with an awesome trailer showing it off. Typon Hunter is a 1vs5 PvP mode, where 5 players will control mimics and the opposing player must defeat them – which sounds a load of fun!


Up next was various Wolfenstein updates, with the Switch release of the most recent iteration on the 29th of June, as well as the announcement of Youngblood, a direct sequel set in the 1980’s revolving around BJ’s twin daughters, which can be a co-op gaming experience.

The trailer was shown off, looking really cool – with the typical “Fuck Nazi’s” approach that Wolfenstein embraces. Youngblood will release in 2019.


A short segment on VR followed, talking about the successes of existing VR titles, and quickly announcing that Prey’s Typhon Hunter will have VR capabilities, and that there will also be a Wolfenstein Cyber Pilot VR title, where you can hack the Nazi war machines and rain down destruction with them.

Fallout 76

Finally, it was onto the “headline act” of Bethesda’s showcase. And I must say it was presented brilliantly! Initially making a dig at Skyrim by “announcing” Skyrim Special Edition coming to Alexa, Etchasketch and various Motorola Pagers!

They then repeated the information and trailer shown during the Xbox broadcast. That it is a prequel and 4 times bigger than Fallout 4. Then they showed a new trailer, and unloaded all the juicy information!

Fallout 76 is set in West Virginia, and even uses folklore local to the area to great effect. It is entirely online, but can still be played solo and is a “Softcore Survival” game – progress isn’t lost on death! But the “servers” are small scale, so there will be dozens of people running around, not hundreds or thousands – but progress isn’t tied to a particular server, as it is in other games, instead it is saved locally, so you take it with you wherever you go.

Then a load of Vault Tech “promo” videos showed more details about how the multiplayer aspects will run.

A Beta, or rather B.E.T.A (Break it Early Test Application) was announced, with dates and details to follow.

There will be a collector’s edition featuring a full size wearable power armour helmet which looks crazy cool!

And finally, Fallout 76 will launch on 14/11/2018! This small bundle of words doesn’t do the 26 minute presentation of Fallout 76 justice, if it’s a game you’re interested in, we strongly suggest you watch the whole thing!

Fallout Shelter

Todd went straight into a quick segment on Fallout Shelter, basically saying its coming to PS4 and Switch, for free, “Right Now!”. So far 120,000,000 people have played Fallout Shelter!

Elder Scrolls Blades

People initially went crazy, before calming down slightly at the news that this new Elder Scrolls title is a mobile title. Showing a trailer explaining the game, controls and assorted options the game would offer. The graphics looked incredible considering it is a phone game, though it will also launch on other systems, including VR and will feature cross play between them all!

It’ll be free, and is launching later this year! Pre-order now for early access.

The Future of Bethesda

As the press conference started to wrap up, they started to talk about the future beyond the upcoming year, including future platforms.

They then did a short teaser reveal for a new IP for Bethesda called Starfield, a seemingly futuristic space based game of unknown genre, that will be coming to the next generation of consoles and PC.

Finally, there was just enough time left, for a 25 second, annoyingly undetailed, reveal for Elder Scrolls VI. As you can see in the cinematic, it simply shows some mountains, and “Elder Scrolls VI”, that’s it. So, they’re working on it, but we don’t know its actual name (similar to Breath of the Wild from Nintendo a few years back) or, perhaps more importantly, what platforms it is coming to.

It was just enough to get us excited, but also to leave fans rather annoyed at the lack of information – but it’s probably a few years out yet!

Bethesda did really well at E3 this year, showing off either new games, or significant updates to just about all of their IPs! Following their award winning 2017, the future looks bright for Bethesda going forward!

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