Lost Sea

We’ve all heard about the Bermuda Triangle and the stories of ships and planes that disappear in this area surrounded by mystery. Imagine what would happen if you actually went disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle yourself, would you find shipwrecked communities who have spent their lives trying to get away? Would there be generations of indigenous tribes who have lived in total isolation of the outside world? Lost Sea is an action-adventure game which explores this in a way, using islands hidden within the Bermuda Triangle as its setting. You may have heard about the game as it has been previously released on Steam, Playstation and Xbox in 2016 but now is the time for it to make its move onto the Nintendo Switch and we wanted to tell you our thoughts on the game in a portable console setting.

You awake shipwrecked on an island and immediately begin exploring as you play through the tutorial where the game introduces you to what you’ll be doing on this adventure. Your objective will be to roam around the islands locating tablets, recruiting other lost souls and fighting off the wildlife and ‘monsters’ that inhabit the area. The more tablets you locate, the more islands that unlock along the way. Simple! Your goal will be to reach the mysterious portal that may transport you home although you don’t know for sure!


Lost Sea is a mixture of team building, adventure, exploration and survival in a colorful and vibrant setting which is well suited to the Switch as it certainly an easy game to pick up and play for an extended period of time or to squeeze a couple of islands in on your lunch break. Control wise, the game is nice and simple as you have your trustee machete which you can use to cut bushes and fences down as well as attack the enemies around the island which come in all shapes and sizes. If you search around enough, you’ll find some new friends along the way which have skills to assist you be it lock picking to help you open the chests you might find, carpentry to fix bridges, increased damage or the ability to revive you should you take too much damage. By smashing crates you’ll find coins that you can use to upgrade which includes being able to have more companions with you as you go around the island. And I would certainly recommend upgrading this as quickly as possible as many hands make light work. Fortunately, if you meet others recruits, you can dismiss one of your current team to head back to the dock which is very handy.


Using your map, you’ll scope out the islands and it will reveal secrets and give you an idea of where you should look for chests, tablets and secrets such as keys for gates which will unlock new areas. There will be trolls, turkey looking creatures and gigantic venus flytraps to slow you down and deal some damage as you head to the big bosses who want to stop you from making it to the portal. In combat, having your stranded comrades who provide support nearby will help in a pinch. You’re reliant on timing your strikes and giving yourself some space to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and take damage otherwise you’ll have to heal up sharpish in case another wave of enemies appear. I also found making sure your team aren’t in the swiping range when fighting in case you accidentally hit them causing them to take some damage. While there are trees which provide a great health boost around, there are occasionally fruits in among the bushes but these are rare so preserving your health is a good idea. You may spot crates filled with coins around which can be used for your upgrades but watch out for hazardous barrels though as that green goo will hit your health points!


The games ramps up the difficulty a little every island your visit and it will tell you the difficulty when you’re ready to move to the next island. I found I died quite quickly on the difficult islands so had to replay these a few times to get my groove. I tended to find that I failed due to not building my team properly so a top tip would be to make sure to pick wisely to account for all situations. Also, I would recommend avoiding heading to the trickier islands until you’re ready otherwise you might find yourself getting overrun. In some ways, this can be a little frustrating as you only have limited attack options and if your team aren’t doing very much at all, it can essentially leave you fighting alone hoping that you have timed your executions well enough. Keeping an eye on your armor, medkits and other items are also something to bear in mind as you don’t want to use all of your reserves too quickly.

Overall, the game is enjoyable and challenging offering a nice objective to try and achieve as you play through. While Lost Sea has been out for a little while now, the addition to the Switch library is a welcome one as this is a game that offers hours of gameplay, a charming musical score, great visuals and some interesting upgrades. The only downsides are limited customisation options other than a few cosmetics and a couple of the upgrades seem a little unnecessary, however in the grand scheme of things, these didn’t affect the overall game experience for me. The game can be a little repetitive at times, however the vibrant maps and isometric top down view allow you to enjoy the surroundings and become engrossed in the action. After a couple of hours, I really got a feel for the mechanics so if you do pick up the game and feel like it’s taking some time to draw you in, stick with it because when the difficulty ramps up, you’ll be determined to beat it.

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