Dragon’s Crown Pro


Dragon’s Crown Pro is a side-scrolling, arcade style, RPG and is a remaster of a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita game, Dragon’s Crown, released on the PlayStation 4 and PS4 pro to take advantage of the newer consoles’ technology and graphical horsepower. For those who have the luxury of a PlayStation 4 Pro, players will be able to make the most of the graphical facelift, but even on the standard PlayStation, you can make out a lot of the upgrades to the graphics. Alongside the updated visuals comes an entirely new orchestral score to listen to as you play. Both are beautiful and add to the sense of adventure this game brings.

There is a good selection of classes that a player can choose from all with unique and interesting abilities, as well as slightly different play styles. They have specialities, such as magic, ranged weapons, and various types of melee weapons. Each character has equipment slots for special items that accentuate their strengths and abilities, each being able to mix and match based on what quest is being attempted.


This game is not only satisfying to play but will also peak your nostalgia for the old-style button mashing arcade games. It has that feel to it as you explore the game world and take on its monsters and enemies that this going to be an interesting adventure. It is a standard brawler but is still an awful lot of fun. Like the old arcade brawlers, there are lots of different things to discover along the route that you take, of which there two, referred to as A and B, which is a bit like the dialogue options in the original Mass Effect trilogy.

The RPG elements of this game all work well in this game, whilst all character’s specialist skills that you can unlock, there are a set of common skills that can be upgraded, these are skills that are available to all playable characters. The characters in the game are varied and quite interesting this game, each having their unique skills, strengths, and weakness. They all offer different play styles so most players will be able to drop into this game and find a character that they can enjoy playing as.


Something I enjoyed about this game was that it didn’t force you back to the main town after each boss so you can do further exploring of an area to find the best loot before heading back to continue your quest. Also, the idea of using the tavern as a hub for your team, for things like upgrades and choosing who you want to take with you on your next quest was a great idea and added to the Dungeons and Dragons feel to this game, which is another element I loved about this game. Fans of fantasy dungeon trawling games like Dungeons will enjoy this game no end and the ability to play with three other friends across PS3, PS4 and Vita will greatly increase the attraction to this game for these players.


This for me was a great nostalgia fest, it felt like the old coin-operated arcade games, with the side-scrolling travelling, the button mashing combat, the manic boss fights, and the slightly melodramatic fantasy storyline. I had a lot of fun playing this game and would happily play through it as the other character classes. The game is available now on PS4 for £39.99.

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