EGX Rezzed 2018

We are firm followers of Rezzed and thoroughly enjoy finding new and exciting titles among the busy booths! There’s something for everyone and more often than not, we fall in love with what we find. This year offered another opportunity to check out what the devs have been working and also see some familiar faces receiving much earned praise and attention too. We were only able to visit for one day this year so we tried our best to cover what we could and wanted to share our thoughts on what we managed to get our hands on at the wonderful Tobacco Dock in London!

Dead End Job – Ant Workshop

Cast your mind back to Rezzed 2017 and you may remember me mentioning this one. Dead End Job was in its early stages of development when I met the lovely Ant Workshop team and I was terrible at the demo! This year however, I wanted to go back and visit only to breeze through as I remembered what I failed miserably on last time and had a great time with the most updated version of the demo. If you don’t know about Dead End Jobs, it’s a job simulator of sorts where you’ll carry out jobs that require you to suck up ghosts and ghouls while saving civilians. You’ll get promoted if you’re awesome or demoted if you’re not and can upgrade your worker as you go! With its procedurally generated maps, this twin-stick shooter is not only a Ghostbusters style frolick but is also colourful, fun and witty all at the same time. I’m really looking forward to this game arriving and even more so knowing that it will be released on the Switch too! Head to the Dead End Jobs website for more information!


QUBE 2 – Toxic Games

We received news about QUBE 2 before it was released and unfortunately weren’t able to review the game so I wanted to make sure I checked it out while we had the opportunity to at Rezzed. As a sequel to QUBE, you play a stranded archaeologist in an alien landscape. You will experience a first person puzzle solving game manipulating the coloured cubes that surround you to move forward. For fans of QUBE, Portal or The Turning Test, this is certainly a puzzler which can cause you to scratch your head a little as you try and work out how to move forward. One particular area had me stuck for a little while until the penny dropped. I did enjoy what I managed to play and would certainly recommend to those of you who like a challenge. For more on the game, check out the QUBE 2 website.


Sunless Skies – Failbetter Games

You may well have heard of a game called Sunless Sea… well if you have then great news and if you haven’t, then you should check it out! Sunless Skies is its successor and takes on a Victorian Gothic twist as you explore in your steam locomotive. The first thing that struck me about the game was a lovely art style, it is gorgeous and really draws you in! I was relatively good at keeping an eye on my vessel as I dodged dangers and shot some space fish looking thing that tried to attack me. The person on the demo before me had perished by damaging their hull a little too much and killed the crew as a result. The first thing I actually learned about was that you could have a line of space captains who you pass resources onto which is a clever idea if you ask me! The demo showed the character build to the narrative drives as well as offering some side quests to give you some extra things to do while you explored the demo environment. It comes across as challenging while maintaining a dark, yet witty, story. It certainly is an intriguing game and I could easily have been drawn in and kept exploring for hours! If you want to know more, head to the Sunless Skies website.

Tower of Chimes

The Endless Mission – E-Line Media

This was actually the first title we got our hands on at Rezzed. Not only did the concept catch our eye but the potential of it is quite exciting. The Endless Mission is a sandbox-style creation game in which you, the player, will have the opportunity to explore and play games but also modify them to make new and unique experiences. For example, my first experience was a strategy based encounter which I needed to survive for 4 minutes. Luckily I did survive and at the end I had the option to modify my game settings. I was able to randomise it and ended up with a driving game  in which I had to destroy my enemies while riding up an active volcano! It was nuts but a really interesting concept of being able to constantly change and modify your gaming experience. An added bonus of this it’s also a learning experience in which you can develop your knowledge and understanding of coding. I think it’s a great concept and certainly something that young people or those who are interesting in games development would appreciate. You can find out more at the Steam store where the game is currently available in early access.


Everspace – Rockfish Games

Everspace caught my eye as I was about to pass by but I was a young chap shooting space ships among debris and rocks before he got blown to smithereens and it looked pretty awesome. When I managed to get my hands on the controller, it was already half way through a demo so I had no idea what the controls were or whether I had an objective in particular so I decided to head off towards a spinning gate which shot me off into another sector of the galaxy. The game is described as an ‘action-focused single-player space shooter’ and it offers some awesome visuals as well as offering an interesting array of characters. I really enjoyed my time with the demo and flying around blowing up enemies while exploring derelict craft or working my way from gate to gate. I could easily have played for hours had there not been a mass of people behind me! I would certainly suggest this game to any space explorer who likes getting into scrapes and doesn’t mind getting blown up on occasion! If Everspace sounds like the game for you, head to the website for more information and don’t forget to check out the stunning in game screenshots.


Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption – Another Indie

If we spy a game on the Switch, we will always gravitate towards it and that’s a guarantee. I spotted a port of Sinner on the Switch while Kuniku played another game and was sure to get a look in. Sinner is the RPG style of game that I am terrible at but others will most certainly excel as it is a boss battler! You’ll take on eight bosses, seven of which a based on the seven deadly sins with each fight being more difficult as you sacrifice a stat and level down in order to start the next combat. I immediately thought of the Souls series mixed up in a bowl with Shadow of the Colossus and after playing for a few moments it made me remember why I’ve never made it through the beginning of a Souls game… because I’m rubbish at them! Still, for those of you who like a dark, challenging experience, Sinner will definitely be one to keep on your radar as you battle through! With multiple endings, new game modes and re-playable features, you’ll certainly get stuck into this one. For a trailer and more information, head to the game page to check out more.


Shift Quantum – Red Panda Interactive

I loved this game. I just wanted to say that first before I tell you about it. As I was wandering among the booths looking for my next game, I found Shift Quantum. An action-puzzle platformer in which you shift between black and white to move through the city landscapes to reach the exits in each section. As the world flips between black and white, you have to work out your route and how to avoid traps or shift the world to allow you to get through the maze. Before picking up the controls myself, I was mesmerised watching others try and figure out the path, shifting between black and white to see what they were missing. Playing it is another experience entirely. You think you’ll breeze through only to be stumped at that maze you just watched someone else struggle with. If you like puzzlers or platformers, you should add this to your list as it is incredibly enjoyable and challenging. There is also an underlying story element which you can get stuck into and the opportunity to create custom levels. While it will be on PC, Xbox One and PS4, it will also be heading to Nintendo Switch so you can play on the move which makes it even better! You can head to the games website to see the trailer so you can get a feel for the mechanics and you’ll be as mesmerised as I was!


Nippon Marathon – PQube

Do you like sports? Well even if you don’t you could certainly have some fun with Nippon Marathon. How to describe the game? Madness? Chaos? Hilarious? There are many good words for it! This is a four player party racer in which your ragdoll of a competitor will try and been other racers by hurling fruit at them, diving across roads, trying to cross waterfalls and trying to handle the physics mechanic! It’s something you really have to see to believe. For fans of Gang Beasts and the like, this is definitely one for those of you who love party games but also some silly fun mixed in. You’ll laugh, you’ll yell and you may even cry… hopefully with joy! The game is available on early access on Steam and you can follow the upcoming news at the website!


The Hatching – Sabre Games, ZEROlife Studio

Have you seen Lake Placid? If you have, you may see where this is going. When I walked by the booth for The Hatching I think my jaw dropped in shock and awe as I saw a giant Crocodile sneaking around the English countryside getting a stealth kill on an innocent person who just happened to walk by! The game mixes stealth with hack & slash style combat and lots of blood! It’s crazy and I honestly wasn’t sure whether I could take it seriously or not at first but as I started to sneak around trying to take out the unsuspecting public, I couldn’t help but see it as a challenge. Certainly another fun game for you to add to your lists! Check out the trailer on the official website if you don’t believe me!screenshot_82-20171117152750.jpg

Catastronauts – Inertia Game Studios

If you’ve followed Darkworld Gaming for a while then you may know that we love our party games, especially games like Overcooked. Well we found the next game to add to our list of favorites! This action packed four player game requires you to gather your Space Fleet crew to battle your enemies while keeping your ship from being blown up! Simple right? Well, add in some explosions, solar flares and torpedoes that require charging and you’ve got to find yourself an organised Captain! Catastronauts is great fun! While you shout at each other to grab the repair kit, revive your dead crew member or fire your weapons, you need to put out fires and keep an eye on the enemies health so you can blow them into the next Galaxy! Our crew was pretty awesome and we managed to get through and we certainly need this game in our lives for our next group holiday! Again, another great game which will be available on the Nintendo Switch along with PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Definitely be sure to head over to the website to check out more information!


Claws of Furry – Terahard

The name alone was enough to get my attention to be honest! Do you like cats? Going further, what about Ninja Cats? Well in this game you’ll claw your way through 50 (yes, 50!) levels in this arcade Beat’em up! This fast paced game, with rouge-like action will s

Steel Rats

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia 

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