Unstable Unicorns: The Review

We love a Kickstarter… in fact, we may love them a bit too much as while we support many awesome and worthy projects, there’s always the ones you miss out on because you don’t have the funds!

Unstable Unicorns had successfully reached its target when I backed it which already proves the idea behind it was popular! With the tag line of ‘Build your Unicorn Army’ who wouldn’t want to get involved?

Unstable Unicorns is a strategic, comedy card game in which you will try to fill your stable full of unicorns while putting your opponents at a disadvantage and trying to protect your own army. Our first foray into the game was a two player match in which the rules are a little different as you remove a bunch of cards prior to starting up and do what you can to anticipate each other’s moves. I failed miserably in my attempt to build my Unicorn army while preventing my opponent from completing theirs. This was down to a lack of tactics as it was our first go and I didn’t get many upgrades or neigh cards to make things difficult!


When you’re not being neighed, you have the opportunity to try and trip up your foes. Whether it’s a badass Unicorn or an upgrade/downgrade that puts you ahead, there are ways to irritate everyone while putting yourself ahead. These can include cards that mean you can swap Unicorns, give you additional turns or destroy parts of your opponents stables. Beware though, because there are cards out there that will trump yours! Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from the game:


From my first attempt at playing, I have learned that getting ahead too quickly can get you in trouble but then again, playing cards too late can leave you trailing and make it difficult to catch up… especially if your opponent has all of the neigh cards! We didn’t get much of a chance to test out the downgrades and upgrades as they seemed to be shuffled down the bottom of the deck somewhere and when I did try, I got neighed. Those pesky Unicorns and their constant neighs!!!

The main thing I love about this game is the comedy factor. Similarly to Bears vs Babies and Exploding Kittens, there’s a great comedy element to it making it almost impossible not to show off what cards you have straight away just because you want someone else to appreciate the Narwhal in all of its glory! The NSFW edition is also packed with hilarity and rudeness which will add another level of joy to your game! But it’s not just the gameplay that’s fun, the artwork is great and was part of the reason I originally backed the game. Who wouldn’t want these delightful creatures gracing their table on an evening of gaming?

“Unicorn on the Cob”

I think it will take another playthrough or two to get to grips with how best to try and outwit your opponents and I’m looking forward to playing with a group with all of the expansions to see what other crazy battles we can have. Unstable Unicorns joins great  card games such as Exploding Kittens and Bears vs Babies which will bring you half an hour or so of sneaky moves, yelling, laughter and maybe a few arguments but at least it will be fun! The website provides information on the rules for normal games and 2 player games, but also explains the expansions and offers the artwork (including a colouring book and web comic). The creators also just released the 1 player game rules which switch things up a bit and I’ll most certainly be trying that out! While the Kickstarter is over, you can still bag yourself a copy of the game and the expansions! So what are you waiting for? Head on over and get yourself some Unicorn goodness!

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