Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Final Episode – Don't Stop Believin'

The final episode of the Telltale game always fills me with a pang of sadness as the games are usually enjoyable and take you on a crazy journey which may even provoke a roller-coaster of emotions. Guardians of the Galaxy has provided a fun, action adventure with some of our favorite Marvel characters and given us a few laughs while plucking at our heart strings when it can. So with the final episode now available, I was interested to see how it all ended.

We’re reminded of the events that led to this moment. The Guardians have disbanded. Rocket, Peter and Bowie the worm will have to get the gang back together if they’re going to kick Hala’s butt. Luckily Groot is around and brings in Mantis to remind everyone how they ended up together in the first place. Queue a flashback and we meet the Guardians when they were locked up in jail, hatching an escape plan. Everything worked out in the end and our heroes certainly didn’t always have bad times. With this, Mantis wants to try something out and tries to get Peter to get in touch with his feelings in order to seek out his friends. It goes a little bit odd at that stage as we’re in Peter’s mind picking out some feelings that will build bridges to Gamora, Rocket and Drax… but wait! I hear you cry, Drax didn’t make it! Well, they couldn’t go killing off a major character now could they!? I wasn’t entirely sold on this bit but it does give you a small opportunity to have good or bad feelings about situations you and the gang have found yourselves in.

Once the feelings session is over, you get a chance to go see Gamora and Drax. You have a chat (or maybe a fight) and try to convince them to come back. I assume even if you were to insult them then they would return, but it’s interesting to see the interaction after you’ve had an ’emotional awakening’ of sorts. Once the gang is back together, you get to start making some crazy plan to save the galaxy again! Cue Rocket and his insane idea to use Hala’s own ship against her to end her once and for all… it’s the only plan you’ve got so you’re stuck with it no matter what. Then you get to assign rolls to your team. I felt these were a little obvious, but I suppose if you wanted to you could choose to have Groot as the hacker and make the others do silly jobs that they would reluctantly agree too. Once everyone is assigned a roll (except Mantis) then you’ll be off on your death defying mission to save everyone!

The sequences are quite fun with your mini fights outside the Kree ship and listening to everyone fulfilling their roles on the ship while you plant explosives on the weapons outside. But of course, you need to have that fight with Hala! So everyone gets involved in a beat down on the glowy monster she has become but things go a little awry when she fires the weapon at Knowhere! Boom goes the big ship. But all is ok. After a few final moments with the big boss, our heroes can revel in saving the day once again. The most touching moment of the game can happen next, if you choose to let it as Mantis can give Peter one last chance to see his mum. I chose to go for it and it was a nice bit of closure for the character. With the gang back together kicking butt and saving everyone (almost), it’s all neatly finished up… until the ‘post credits scene’ that paves the way for a potential sequel.

Overall, I have enjoyed the Guardians storyline. It’s been fun with some great fight sequences but I do feel that the choices you made didn’t have a massive impact overall and things would probably end up the same way. The life and death decisions that made the original Walking Dead so harrowing were because you probably didn’t think the game would punish you, but as the Telltale games have gone on, I feel that this has drifted by the wayside a little. Without that sense of danger in this final episode, it just took away some of the stress of those quick decisions and conversations. It is still enjoyable and although there were opportunities for more musical interludes in the episode which weren’t followed through, it was a good episode, just not the best in the series. If there is a sequel, you can be sure that I’ll be all over it, but I do hope that Telltale put in some harder choices that make a difference and possibly have consequences in order to build some tension and potential excitement.

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