Reader Review: Stranger Things

As a child of the 80’s the first game I truly fell in love with was Zelda for the SNES, so when I saw screenshots of Stranger Things (for mobile devices) I went straight to the App Store to download. First I need to admit, that I watched the TV show after completing the game, and chuckled to myself how small details from the first few episodes became larger features within the game.

Similar to Zelda, the game opens with you waking up at home (on the couch), owls instead of chickens fly at you except they don’t need to be provoked, and you have to collect various objects for heart pieces to increase your health. This game achieves its objective and visually is an eighties delight with pixilated characters and blocky scenery reminiscent of something you could expect to find on a Commodore 64. You tap where you want to go on the screen and on the item you wish to pick up or person you would like to knock out while solving puzzle style scenarios in this top down homage to the show.

Completion of side quests results in rewards, and by saving up enough coins you can upgrade key items. I managed to get a level 3 on Vicky’s bat, but several reviews I’ve read have only got it to level two… so it’s worth the side quests (just saying). If you seek a 100% completion, do keep in mind you need to revisit prior dungeons after new characters are unlocked to retrieve non-storyline items – this is worth doing for the VHS and Gnomes but there doesn’t seem to be a reward for the Eggos so I’ll leave that to your discretion. The VHS unlocks a lengthy season two trailer which is worth the dedication. In all it’s a quick game, I managed to complete in under seven hours with minimal effort, but admittedly I didn’t play at the harder level, and do I intend to go back & see whether the bosses and puzzles are more challenging.

If you’re looking for a dose of nostalgia, with a splash of science fiction, and a typical 80’s car chase at no cost (yes it’s free to download & play) this game is worth a few hours of your time. If you’re a fan of the series, you may also enjoy filling the Stranger Things shaped hole once you have finished watching the series!

The Darkworld Team would like to thank Shelley for this reader review! If you have a game you want to shout out about, let us know!

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