Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 4 – Who Needs You

As with all Telltale games, the release of the next episode of a series is most definitely welcomed, however as the penultimate instalment landed I was a little sad that the series is coming to an end. As I run through the events of this episode, I will state now that there will be spoilers relating to the choices I had to make and the outcome of those decisions.. otherwise I would be really stuck!


At the end of the previous episode, some stuff happened… the Eternity Forge exploded, Hala got really annoyed and Nebula got a pretty nasty wound but it’s ok because she can be fixed! So we pretty much land right back where we were but now Hala is all glowy and very angry. When she realises that she has absorbed the power of the Forge she vows to basically ruin your life which isn’t the best news the Guardians have had all day. So you have a pretty short but smooth fight sequence before our heroes manage to all fall gracefully from the platform to escape. As Peter holds onto Mantis, she delves into his memories and brings back some more flashbacks of his mum. I definitely made the wrong decision for this part and felt really bad afterwards and Mantis apologises for what she did.

Trapped in the caverns below, you end up finding a tunnel worm who is quite cute and you can choose how you react. I decided to be nice and name it Bowie! After another fight sequence, the usual family arguments break out and you are forced to choose between going with Rocket or Gamora. These two have clashed enough times for you to be used to it by now but with Nebula injured and Rocket placing the blame for things on Peter and Gamora, the cracks are well and truly showing now. I chose to go with Gamora and Groot (who is carrying Nebula) which resulted in a little heart to heart where I chose to tell Gamora there was something between them as a last ditch attempt to stop her from talking about leaving the group which we’re more used to trying to work out with Rocket at this point. The best bit of the episode for me was Groot having a bit of a stellar experience after encountering some toxic plants he eats. It was silly but very funny especially in an episode which just tugged at my heart strings… you’ll see why shortly. After finding a way through you have a little stealth section which was a nice change of pace as you try to make it through the tunnels without waking any hungry wormy critters up. The rest of the gang are unconscious in pods so you get them out before Peter is hugged very tightly by Drax.

Mantis inadvertently opens up Drax’s memories and we finally get to see the softer side as he trains his daughter to be a warrior. I think I made some poor choices in this section and at the end of it, I thought I was helping but only ended up making her feel bad! I’m not sure either scenario is good but I felt really guilty. Sadly this was the only Drax time we really got which I thought was a shame and I would have liked another section to get some more time with Drax but maybe the only options were horribly sad. The team get the Milano and make their way out but there is a giant worm who has other ideas and eats the ship! Sadly, Nebula is on her last legs and you now have to choose whether to respect her wishes or try to force her to repair. I chose to respect her wishes and some emotional things happen but ultimately Nebula passed away and I felt terrible. There was some great dialogue in this section and I’d like to know what happens if you try to help her but I’m almost content with how it ended for Nebula in my playthrough.

Now it’s time for Peter’s rocket boots to come into play as he explores the stomach of the worm for engines so you can all escape. After you successfully do this and everyone makes some sacrifices by throwing things out, which Peter will also have to do, it’s time to get out of the worm! You can chose the mouth or the colon… Drax says colon a lot and I found it hilarious, so good work Telltale. Then it’s the daring escape which will require all of the Guardians to get involved. It was a great montage sequence and the accompanying music just made it fun to play. Then Drax suddenly makes a decision… to jump from the ship to save everyone and claim glory by killing the giant worm. As Peter, you have the horrible decision to let Drax go or try and stop him. I’m not sure what happens if you try to stop him but I reluctantly let him go and was completely crushed afterward. I could have cried on stream. Telltale do heart wrenching very well at times.

The end of the episode saw Mantis, Gamora and Groot parting ways with Peter after the events that have transpired over the course of this adventure. Rocket sticks around after all those times he nearly walked away which was a little bit of a surprise and as the final episode is on the way, I’m pretty sure the gang will reunite but it will be broken. I did enjoy this episode, even though it did break my heart due to the choices I made. I’m not sure if the outcomes are any different but I’m banking on a full on finale with a mix of action and emotion all the way through. And now we wait…

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