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E3 2017 – Nintendo Press Conference

Nintendo effectively closed out E3 with regards to the big press conferences, even though they did it the same way they’ve done in recent years as doing it as a Nintendo “Direct” stream event, rather than live press conference.

Many looked to Nintendo as a last bastion of hope to ‘save’ E3 2017, as many people seemed to not be as enamoured as they’d like to have been by the final day of press conferences.

Did Nintendo save they day? Did Nintendo “Win” E3 2017? We’ll delve into it below…


The Nintendo Spotlight started with a montage, even Rocky had a montage, of a few of the, mostly, already known games that were due to launch soon on the Nintendo Switch. Quickly flicking between the, now “standard”, Switch player scenes of parties and gatherings of people enjoying the portability of the Switch, combined with snippets of gameplay of the following games:

  • Arms
  • Rocket League (Which I didn’t know was coming to Switch – not sure if it was new though?)
  • Pokkén Tournament Deluxe
  • FIFA18
  • Splatoon 2

It was a fast-paced intro that piqued my interest nicely. Followed by ol’ Regie doing his usual intro to the Nintendo Spotlight, with the brilliant quote:

“It’s not just where you can take your game, but where your game can take you!”

Which I thought summed up the premise of the Switch perfectly! Regie signed off and the trailers began in earnest.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Official Game Trailer

We knew it was coming, but it doesn’t make it any less pretty! A lot of exciting bits and pieces shown off, and, perhaps, most importantly – a release date! I really enjoyed what I played of the first game when it was ported to the New 3DS, even though I’m ashamed to say I never got around to finishing it, but this trailer has the sequel very much on my radar! Expect Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to launch in the lead up to Christmas 2017!


Kirby for Switch

As far as I’m aware this was the first unexpected trailer, it showed crisp and adorable graphics and the joyous Kirby gameplay Nintendo fans love. Coming in 2018



Another short trailer was shown for Pokkén Tournament Deluxe, which was announced last week.

But most importantly we were told that there was a “New Core RPG Pokémon Title” in production for the Nintendo Switch. No footage was shown, and absolutely no details, but the fact there is a main console core Pokémon RPG game coming has me excited on every level!


Metroid Prime 4 & Metroid: Samus Returns

This was another shocking surprise, and again it didn’t really show anything, merely announced that there is a brand-new addition to the Metroid Prime series coming to Nintendo Switch!

I’ll also point out that there is a new “classic” style 2D side scrolling Metroid game coming to the Nintendo 3DS family. Called Metroid Returns, it looks very much like the classic “Super Metroid” but with modern graphics!


Metroid: Samus Returns is coming September 15th, 2017! One I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for!


Yoshi on Switch

While not called “Yoshi’s Woolly World” this looks very much like a new version of the series. It looks just as cute and fun as all the other Yoshi games out there, with a few new mechanics thrown in for good measure! Like the similarly named “Kirby for Switch” expect to see this drop sometime in 2018.


Fire Emblem Warriors

Continuing the popularity of blending Nintendo games with the Dynasty Warriors style gameplay, Fire Emblem Warriors continues this mash up. Coming later this year, if you enjoyed Hyrule Warriors, and are a fan of the Fire Emblem series – this one is probably right up your alley!



The bit I always wait for at E3, the Zelda news. I knew not to expect any announcements of a new Zelda game so soon after Breath of the Wild’s launch, but was expecting news on the upcoming DLC and possibly the Skyrim news that Bethesda announced earlier during E3.


And I was right! First up showing the trailer for Skyrim on Switch, and the interactivity with the Breath of the Wild Amiibos – granting a full set of Zelda themed gear, including the legendary Master Sword!


This was followed by the details of the first DLC pack for Breath of the Wild “The Master Trials”. Featuring the Trial of the Sword, Heroes Path, Master Mode and new armour items. Some less detailed information on the second DLC pack – “The Champions Ballad”, which just showed some footage of the four champions from Breath of the Wild – which I think is a hint at what the new story features could include.

This could be backed up by the announcement of brand-new Amiibo for said four champions.


Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

A very short snippet of the new collaboration with Ubisoft was shown, didn’t really show anything that wasn’t shown in the Ubisoft presentation, but had to be shown in both conferences, and was given the announcement of being out on the 27th of August 2017.


Rocket League

Again, not sure if this was a new announcement or not, but its pretty cool considering how popular Rocket League has been on other platforms. Featuring exclusive cars and hats for Switch, and cross-play with other platforms, come Christmas time this should be another great addition to the Switch line up!


Mario Odyssey

We knew this to be one of the big ones, and it is what they ended the show with. We’d seen very little in terms of gameplay before E3, but this trailer showed us what we can expect come the games launch on the 27th of October this year. It looks amazing, the graphics are what we’ve come to expect from Nintendo, and the gameplay looks simply stunning. I can’t wait to get this game come October!


Other games:

There were also a few other titles not shown in the Spotlight that have had trailers pop up:







So how did Nintendo do? Did they “Save E3”? Did they “Win”? Well these things are all down to personal opinion, every year everyone argues over who they thought won, and usually it comes down to which “fan boi” camp you’re in.

Nintendo did have more “new” announcements than most other presentations though I think, certainly more “big” ones, but I’m not sure if I’d say they really won it for me, I still think that my game of E3 is probably Dragonball Fighter Z! But Mario Odyssey could be a close second…


I’ll leave it to you guys to argue over who you think won, I’m not really sure anyone really had a “huge” announcement to be a clear winner in my books…


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