E3 2017: Sony Press Conference Round Up

Expectations are always high for Microsoft and Sony so fanboys and girls everywhere were quick to say who they thought ‘killed it’ this year. While it felt like it was a quiet one for Sony (not just because the soundman screwed up the audio for the livestream) and I truly believe that’s due to their own PSX show later in the year and while fans were crying out for Last of Us 2 and Final Fantasy, it was always highly unlikely that they would be showcased at E3 when they could save it until GamesCon or PSX. Still, let’s have a look at what they had at E3.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

We had already seen the announcement for this standalone Uncharted title, however Naughty Dog gave us a bit more of what it to come in this story about Chloe and Nadine as they go in search of lost treasure. It’s Uncharted and it’s Naughty Dog so it looks great, is full of action, puzzle and sass. You’ll be able to get your hands on it in August when it’s released.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Aloy returns with a new adventure in The Frozen Wilds which takes us to… well a snowy landscape  beyond the lands Aloy has explored previously, full of familiar creatures and new quests for our heroine to embark on. I am a big fan of Horizon Zero Dawn and am really looking forward to this next park of Aloy’s journey! Bring on the Thunderjaws!

Days Gone

Ever since Days Gone was announced, I have been itching to see a new gameplay trailer after the total madness of the original reveal with that horde of relentless, fast creatures trying to get to you. Sony presented us with a good chunk of gameplay of this new zombie survival horror adventure biker game at E3 and I’m pretty sure we are ready for it now…. please!?!

Monster Hunter World

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting this game to be Monster Hunter (as I’m not a follower of the franchise and missed the giant Capcom stamp at the start somehow!) until about a minute into this trailer when I realised that’s what it had to be. It’s looks pretty awesome with impressive graphics, landscapes and creatures to pit yourself against. Hopefully fans of the series will be pleased with the announcement and be looking forward to it returning to Playstation in 2018.

Shadow of the Colossus

While remakes seem to be popular at the moment, I wasn’t prepared for Shadow of the Colossus to be announced. It’s a full remake for PS4 and it looks fantastic in this trailer. I really can’t say much more other than it needs to be here already.

VR Showcase

There is always a VR section these days and Sony announced a few titles which will be added to their list of games for your enjoyment.

God of War

Kratos is back and we were delighted to see an extended trailer showing off the stunning graphics and brutal fight sequences that you will get to enjoy in God of War when it returns in 2018. It does raise some questions as to whether Kratos is a good father figure, but heck, if he can put the smackdown on gigantic monsters then I’m not going to argue with his technique.

Detroit: Become Human

Another game I am glad to finally see some more of it Detroit. Now we have a new playable character in the form of Marcus and a little more information as to what will be in store as far as gameplay and story go. Your choices will have consequences which will affect how each mission plays out. Sadly, there is still no release date, but hopefully they won’t keep us waiting too long before giving us a little bit more.

Destiny 2

As it wasn’t mentioned during the Microsoft conference, I guessed the Bungie were continuing their Playstation exclusive content for Destiny 2 and I was right. This just covered the extra content included for PS4 users when the game is released in September, but didn’t go into any more detail than the Bungie reveal last month.


While it wasn’t a big surprise, we were also treated to an extended trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man game which showed off a rather impressive helicopter chase sequence and the slick looking gameplay mechanics you can expect from this game. It does look stunning and upon watching it again, you realise that you could be watching a movie. Due for release in 2018, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the return of Spider-Man!

PlayLink for PS4 – Hidden Agenda

Something that wasn’t part of the main press conference but announced at E3 is the game Hidden Agenda, a crime thriller which can be played solo or collaboratively with the PlayLink feature for PS4 allowing your friends to join in. This sounds familiar to the Crowd Play function in the Telltale games but as I haven’t tested this out yet, I couldn’t say how it works in comparison. From the makers of Until Dawn comes a game in which you are hunting down a serial killer called The Trapper. Your choices will have an impact on the outcomes and the PlayLink feature offers an additional layer of madness in which every player will have a hidden agenda to try and achieve throughout the game. It’s an interesting concept and comes off the back of people streaming Until Dawn with some audience participation when it came to the decisions that had to be made. I am quite intrigued by the story for this title and the PlayLink feature sounds like it could bring an interesting dynamic if you can get a group together the play.

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