Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 2 – Under Pressure

Following the enjoyable first episode, Tangled Up in Blue, Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy returns with the second instalment, Under Pressure and carries on from where we left off. I will keep this short as I’m trying not to spoil too much of the story in these posts because I want you to enjoy them for yourselves but I will have to divulge a little information in order for everything to make sense.

So, at the end of episode one there was the altercation on the rather large Kree ship with Hala which left Peter with a rather large wound as he’s returned to the Milano just in time for the Eternity Forge to do a bit of a light show and prevent Peter from shuffling off this mortal coil. This leaves the gang a little confused and understandably freaked out with the initial panic of trying to work out what power this relic holds.

Straight away, Rocket starts to act up and tells you he needs you to help him out while Gamora is pushing for you all to head to intercept Nebula who is attacking the Nova Corps and may be able to assist in deciphering the Kree that appears on the Eternity Forge. Depending on your choice, you’ll either upset Rocket and miss out on his back story or be late to the Nebula party. I chose to go with Rocket as I hoped I would get a chance to play as another character and while I did for a flashback sequence, the rest of the game was mainly spent with Peter. I did like Rocket’s story and while it did make me a little sad, it helped to understand his character a bit more although he did end up moping for a good chunk of the episode afterwards.

Another Moaning Minnie comes in the form of Drax who was a little upset with me after the last episode as I chose to take Gamora on our little excursion to the Kree battle cruiser. After emasculating our buddy unintentionally, he needs to find some purpose again after getting his revenge on Thanos. I imagine Gamora has a similar reaction if you take Drax instead of her, albeit she won’t be quite such a child about it. However, I still love Drax as a character and the dialogue between the characters is always pretty enjoyable in so I really suggest taking the time to have all of the interactions you can.

I felt like I could take a bit of a different approach with Peter this time around as in the first episode I was a little in awe of the Eternity Forge but I feel like although it promises to resurrect the dead, it could bring a whole mess of trouble… which it probably will do anyway with the other characters getting their mitts on it. I can already see the Drax’s encounter will probably be very emotional. Story aside, there is not a whole lot in the way of quick time in this episode, but there is a thoroughly enjoyable sequence which I won’t spoil (unless you saw my stream of course) with a great combination of fighting and music which I really think you will enjoy if you’re getting stuck into this game!

There were a few small glitches that made the game stutter slightly but other than that, I had no real issues. It is worth noting that the episode does end on a bit of a cliff-hanger and does have a guest cameo in the form of Yondu which makes me happy but I still get the feeling that we’re only just getting started and with another 3 instalments to go, it’s sure to be one hell of a ride!

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