Victor Vran Overkill Edition Review

Victor Vran was originally released back in 2015 on PC with a look and feel reminiscent of the Diablo III style. It is now 2017 and the game has been ported over to console in the form of the Overkill Edition. Since its release the game has had some updates and the brilliant Motörhead DLC (that’s right Motörhead!). You get to fight as the legendary Lemmy while headbanging to their songs playing in the background. What more could you ask for when you are taking on hordes of enemies?

The game puts you in control of the hunter Victor Vran (Obviously…). Now as soon as Victor opens his mouth you are going to have a moment of recognition, that is right, the gruff voice you hear is the one and only Doug Cockle who voices Geralt in the Witcher series. A very fitting choice I say. You arrive in Zagoravia, only to see that the forces of evil are fast taking control and killing all those who stand in their way. Soon enough you find yourself becoming a part of the resistance while trying to accomplish your own goals of finding your missing colleague. During your adventure, there will be a mystic voice that will be offering “advice” along with plenty of abuse that adds a nice level of humour to the game.

The game might show you the world from an isometric view but you really have to admire the graphics, everything is so well detailed and is just a feast for the eyes. This may be a dark and Gothic style game but it hasn’t stopped the designers from bringing a colourful palette to your adventures against the evil hordes. With the level of detail and being a port from a PC game, this runs really well without any noticeable drops in the frame rate that I have seen personally. The visuals are definitely one of the strongest points of the game.

For all of us who have played Action-RPG titles like this, we know what really counts and that is dungeon crawling to beat down hordes of enemies to get as much loot as possible. Unlike most games of this genre, you are unable to equip armour of sorts, instead outfit changes are possible to fit the play style of your version of Victor. When it comes to weapons you will be spoiled for choice with swords, shotguns, hammers or a scythe to name a few. Each of which can be equipped and swapped out depending on the situation you face. There are also cards that can be found and equipped that will aid you by increasing your stats. These can also be swapped out to suit your play style also. One last thing to mention at your disposal is Demon Powers that can be used to perform such actions as raining fireballs down on your foes.

Victor Vran will offer a lot to the player in terms of gameplay but not so much in the narrative but when it comes to this genre of games the story is always second to gameplay, finding your next dungeon and rushing in guns blazing and swords swinging. There are plenty of levels to work through and you can also run through all of this with a friend. Who doesn’t enjoy a good dungeon crawl with a buddy? You may only have one character at your disposal but with the levelling system and cosmetic changes available there is still the ability to make Victor your own and play through in a way that fits your style. The combat in the game is far from challenging and requires little thought, just choose which weapon you want for the current situation and crush all those who stand in front of you, from range with the shotgun to up close and personal with a sword, just make sure that you leave none standing. It really is just a case of walking into the room and destroying everything in sight which personally I love.

This is a really fun game that might not meet the expectations of players of Diablo III but that is a really high bar to hit. Victor Vran brings a really interesting Van Helsing style approach to the table though and there are a good view laughs to be had. This might be a port from a PC game but it has been brought to console perfectly and would be a great addition to any Action RPG gamers collection.

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