Venom Switch Starter Pack

Whenever you buy a new console, astute game store employees will often try to offload numerous accessories to go with it. These can vary from pretty much useless, to mildly convenient to pretty much necessary.

Of course, this is also true of the Nintendo Switch’s release. Except, because of its nature, there are far more “necessary” accessories for the Nintendo Switch. Due to its “semi” hand-held and portable nature, the Switch needs a bit more protection than a regular console. So, for me anyway, two things spring to mind straight away:

  • I need a carry case to put this new toy in


  • I need a screen protector to stop my toy getting scratched

These should be self-explanatory. Even though the Switch should be made from the famed “Nintendium” that doesn’t mean it can’t get bumped and scratched! Nobody wants that glorious 720p handheld’s screen to be marred with a glaring scratch caused by throwing the console loose into your bag with your house keys!

There are many companies out there who will offer you these key accessories, and many more. But, there is little need to shop around when you can go straight to Venom, and get their Switch Starter Pack, which contains everything you need to get started. Namely the, aforementioned, Carry Case and Screen Protector, as well as a microfibre cloth for keeping your screen free of grubby finger prints, and some in ear earphones.

I will admit that I was sent this started kit after I got my Switch, with which I had pre-ordered another carry case, but this actually provides a great example to compare against. While the carry case I got might be a bit fancier looking with printed graphics and the like, inside it is just nowhere near as functional as the Venom case is. While the case I got was bigger than the Switch, leaving it loose to bump around inside, the Venom case is both that little bit more snug around the console and has two bungie cords that neatly hold the Switch in place. It also has a mesh pocket for storing bits and bobs (I use it to carry the Joy Con shoulder bars). It is also a “hard” case, made of robust EVA, rather than the “stiff mesh” case I already had.

There are a few carry case options available for the Nintendo Switch at this point, but I feel it is important to note that a carry case’s main purpose is its functionality – keeping the console safe. The Venom case does this better than any of the other cases I, or my Switch owning friends, have seen so far. Others might have fancy printed graphics, for that “wow factor” when you take it from your bag, but I’d rather than a safer console!

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the screen protector, it is what it is! It isn’t as fancy as some screen protectors I’ve seen in the past for phones etc, that have a really complicated 27 separate peel off tabs for a perfect fit every time. But as long as you know how to apply a screen protector without ending up with loads of bubbles (it isn’t really that hard), then the Venom screen protector will do the job as well as any other!

The microfibre cloth does exactly what it is designed to, keeps your screen protector free from fingerprints – because nobody wants a fingerprint getting in the way of your enjoyment of Hyrule!

And finally the earphones are your run of the mill earphones. The “rubber bud” style of in ear earphone, rather than the solid plastic style, purely down to the user as to how comfortable they do or don’t find them. Personally I find them comfortable, but they don’t work brilliantly for exercising, but I doubt many people will be exercising with their Switch anyway… If you’re an Audiophile then you probably want more from your earphones, but then again such a person probably already has earphone’s they would use anyway.

If you’ve got a Switch and still need a case and screen protector, or if you’re planning on getting one and are looking for accessories, then you don’t need to look much further than the Venom Switch Starter Pack. It contains everything you need to go out and about with your Switch, at a nice cheap price to boot!

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