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Destiny 2 Reveal – Impressions from a Veteran

As you know, we here at Darkworld Gaming have been with Destiny since the beginning. From the first open beta, to launch, through various posts about why we continued to play right through until this final Age of Triumph offering. I was determined that Bungie wouldn’t suck me in again. I wouldn’t let them convince me that I needed Destiny 2, yet as soon as pre-orders were available I made sure I had the Limited Edition in my basket. So all that I needed to convince me that I wasn’t just giving in to Bungie was to see what they were going to offer in Destiny 2 and would it be worth it. I can’t tell you how much I would have loved to be at the event in L.A. but I managed to watch some of the gameplay reveal on the 18th May, which you can watch at the bottom of this post and here’s what I thought.

The opening cinematic instantly grabbed my attention. Bungie have excelled themselves in creating these amazingly detailed cutscenes which were very enjoyable to watch. The story looks to be a big focus in this next instalment in the Destiny series with the promise of more campaign and more cinematics makeing it clear that they want to build on what the first game and its expansions offered.

Director Luke Smith outlined that Destiny 2 is a ‘new beginning’ and wanted to make sure we all know their vision for this game. They want ‘a world that pulls you in’, ‘amazing things to do’ and for there to ‘always someone to play with’. As a result, there have been a number of updates from the first Destiny. PvP will be reduced to teams of 4 instead of 6 and while our clan has enough members to have a full fireteam, if the reduced heads will mean a better balance and less lag in PvP then I’m happy to take that. There’s also a new PvP mode called Countdown whereby you plant a bomb in the enemy area and defend it with new maps too. There will be a new strike and raid but in addition the Nightfall, Trials and Raid will be available for solo players. Previously you would need to go into the community pages to find folks to join if you were a solo player as these fireteam only activities had no matchmaking. That will change for Destiny 2 with the system called Guided Games allowing in-game clans to help players join in with these activities.

Previously, the focus for Destiny was always console and it never made it to PC but Destiny 2 will be on PC via Blizzards which is great news especially as Bungie have said there will be an uncapped frame rate. Nice!

The cinematic and gameplay for the first mission was shown on stream as you battle the Red Legion, led by Commander Ghaul, who are attacking the Tower and are determined to take the Traveller for themselves. The HUD is familiar and looks to play a lot like Destiny but with some subtle changes. This mission takes you around the Tower as you battle enemies and try to stop Ghaul stealing the Traveller, but you are not successful and lose your light. That’s right. You are back to level 1. You lose your vault and have to start from scratch. I’m ok with that because the new weapons and subclasses look amazing already!

Instead of primary, special and heavy weapons, you will have Energy, Power and Kinetic weapons allowing more flexibility with your loadout and by Shaxx does the Grenade Launcher look epic! The loadout screen has a subtle change on the armour side too. Previously you had Discipline, Intellect and Strength listed next to your kit but I note that this has been replaced with the Armor, Agility and Recovery that was previously seen in your subclass screens. Speaking of classes, the new ones look amazing! The Warlock has Dawnblade, a flaming sword that can be flung at enemies, the Titan has Sentinel, a Captain America style shield, and the Hunter has Arcstrider which is a cool looking electric staff. I really can’t wait to try those out especially after having a little look at the skill trees! An addition to your loadout is also the Empowering Rift which looks similar to Soldier 76’s healing pad in Overwatch that can be dropped during combat to give you a quick health boost for you and the team which could come in very handy.

One of the best bits of news though is the ability to launch activities on the world…. without having to go into orbit! They also have added more activities so there won’t just be patrols and public events. There will be treasure hunts and dungeons called Lost Sectors to explore on Earth, Titan, Io and Nessus. The new areas look stunning and as usual, the graphics really show off the details. The subtle changes to familiar enemies are also quite nice and present some additional challenges such as the Minotaurs with Hydra style shields.  I think players will have a lot of fun exploring these new worlds and getting sucked in to the activities that will be on offer as they make their way through the campaign to defeat Ghaul and the Red Legion.

Following this reveal, I am really looking forward to the release on 8th September so that me and the clan can get stuck in to the new campaign. While it may be the Destiny we know and love with some extra shiny bits involved, I think this will offer great gameplay for veteran guardians and new comers especially with the Guided Games system. With the Beta happening in the summer you can rest assured that I’ll be ready and waiting to get stuck in.

What are your thoughts on the Destiny 2 reveal? Let us know your thoughts and check out the Bungie Livestream footage to see more of the gameplay and news.

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