Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Release Date

It has been confirmed today that Victor Vran: Overkill Edition will be released on May 30th. There is something just a bit special about this release though the additions of Fractured Worlds and Motörhead: Through the Ages. Now the Motörhead addition has really caught my eye, this has been developed with the remaining three band members. This new addition to the game adds some amazing new worlds to the Victor Vran universe, all of which are heavily inspired by Motörhead’s lyrics and attitude. So it is time to let down your hair and raise this fingers to the sky as you enter the Wörld of Wars, the Weird West and the Dark Ages where you will try to bring down the oppressors – the Preacher, the Führer and the Queen of the Damned and the agendas they have planned. If you need any more reason to jump on this upcoming release then please check out the trailer below.

Phil Campbell, Motörhead said: “The game is a brilliant homage to the world of Motörhead, one where you can kick-ass, to a kick-ass soundtrack!”

If you are looking for a new Action based RPG that you can play with local and online co-op for up to 4 players then this just might be what you have been looking for. Players are heavily encouraged to venture out and vanquish to their liking. If you like personalisation in your games then you will be able to forge your own personal Victor by utiliing a vast array of powerful weapons and game-changing outfits, not only that but you will have spell-like demon powers at your disposal. What more could any player ask for from an action RPG? The console version has been built from the ground up by developer Haeminmont’s proprietary engine which will bring outstanding performance at 60fps. Now add all of that up with the additions and you have one hell of a game available to you. Want to know what else the Motörhead addition brings then check out the features list below.

  • Rock out to fan-favorite tracks from Motörhead like they’ve never been heard before: activate Monuments of Rock to experience unwoven stems from the band’s original studio sessions, then defeat hammering waves of monsters to complete the song and earn exciting new treasures, weapons, and abilities
  • Explore three entirely new worlds inspired by Motörhead’s music, attitude and album covers
  • Unleash eight new Motörhead themed demon powers – smash foes with the Iron Fist, blast baddies with the Deaf Forever Amp, call in the Bomber, and more
  • Slay with style in three new outfits based on band members Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey
  • Dispatch demons with the new Revolver and Guitar weapon types
  • Collect 20 new Destiny Cards that augment any demon hunter’s destructive abilities
  • Take on new bosses including the Corrupted War Pig, Orgasmatron, and the Queen of the Damned
  • Follow an exciting and often shocking storyline about war, religion and greed
  • Starring world renowned actor, director and living legend Lloyd Kaufman


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