Heroes of the Storm 2.0 More action. More heroes. More MOBA.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is live today for you all MOBA fans. This is not just a slight update to an already amazing game but one hell of an overhaul. If this is game that you have left previously or not started then this might be the perfect time to get back on it. The overhaul is also going to be bringing a lot to current players too with a more powerful progression system, Loot Chest packed with great items and rewards, a new but known character and some great new banners and sprays.

The levelling system looks to be one of the big points of focus with the Player Cap being removed and the way in which your Player level and hero level increases. The player level now represents levels gained across all of your heroes, each time one of your heroes levels up so does your level and not only that but you will be gifted with rewards for each player level that you earn, just think of all the fantastic loot! To aid with this the changes have been made to earning experience meaning your heroes will level up that much faster (More Loot!). Duplicate items within Loot Chests have always been something a player has hated to see but now these will be broken down into shards that can be used to craft cosmetic items.

There are now going to be three currencies available to players each with its own specific use.

Gold: Still the standard currency that you will earn for playing games and levelling up that will be mainly be used for purchasing heroes.

Shards: As above this currency will be received from duplicate items in Loot Chest and used for forging cosmetics for your characters.

Gems: These replace the previous monetary currency and can be used to purchase anything across the board.

There will be five new item types available to players also, including Banners, Sprays, announcers and voice lines. If you are a fan of personalisation like me then this is going to hit the mark. With the banners, you are going to be able to put in that extra blow to your opponents by slamming down a banner on objectives and points you have captured. The sprays will be able to be used anywhere on teh battlefield for whatever reason takes your fancy. We all know that you will be using them to mark the place of your last kill though. Loadouts are now going to be available to you as well with a maximum of 3 per character. This will give you more options for setting up your heroes all ready for battle.

Check out the full video for the progression list below.

Update Roundup below.

Progression System Overhaul — Player level cap has been removed and transformed into the sum of all Hero levels gained, with even bigger rewards at levelling milestones

Loot Chests — Packages containing random assortments of nearly every awesome reward in game, including Heroes themselves, are now received through progression or purchase

Social & Customisation Rewards — Loot Chests also contain new cosmetic rewards for Heroes, including emojis, voice lines, announcer packs, banners, and more

New Hero: Genji — An augmented cyborg ninja whose agility and skill make him an exceptionally lethal threat, the new Overwatch-inspired Hero is an opportunistic, highly-mobile Assassin who can tear apart a weak backline

New Battleground: Hanamura — The Overwatch-inspired two-lane Battleground is set within the sprawling grounds of Shimada Castle; Heroes must find victory through use of the map’s unique mercenaries, taking down the Mega Enforcer boss, and escorting the Payloads to victory

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