EGX Rezzed 2017 Round Up Part 1

Kuniku and I were delighted to attend EGX Rezzed at the stunning Tobacco Dock in London this March as we love checking out the indie games on offer. Now usually when we attend EGX, Kuniku is distracted by all of the Street Fighter action happening in the Fight Zone so we made sure he managed to get stuck into some other games this time around. So without further beating around the bush, here are some of the games we managed to get a look at during our time at the event. It’s just a shame that we couldn’t get around to all of them as there were so many on offer. I also apologise for the lack of photos as we kept forgetting to take snapshots of us on the games! As we covered a number of titles, we have split this into two parts for you guys, so check out the list at the bottom to see the games that Kuniku will be writing about!


Slight disclaimer here, there were no demos of the game at Rezzed. However, there was an interesting developers session in which Creative Director Raphael Colantonio showcased new gameplay segments to tease us with a mere month before the game is released. The session is available to watch on the EGX Youtube channel here and I am excited and slightly terrified all at the same time. This is definitely a another signature Arkane game. The combination of the weapons and powers you will have access to (if you choose to of course) will help you take on the alien lifeform that has taken over Talos 1. If you’re still unsure about Prey at this stage, I would encourage you to check out the above video and have a gander at the gameplay to see if it will sway you and the opening hour was available to play at an amazing community event which unfortunately we weren’t available to attend and received great praise. I look forward to streaming this title and reviewing it for you all from 5th May.

Dick Wilde

Another disclaimer… we didn’t get to have a go on this one! Due to our poor forward planning, we didn’t book ourselves in for a demo with Bolverk Games and PlayStack Games and definitely regret it as this VR game looks great.  Dick Wilde is an exterminator who is taking on alligators, crocs and piranhas with a crazy collection of weaponry in the form of crossbows that shoot saw blades, bows and arrows and even an electrified baseball bat. The demo showed waves of these critters trying to take out Dick Wilde in this bright, colourful and humorous game. I would certainly recommend giving this one a look if you have a VR set up at home and if you do, make sure you invite us over so we can have a go!


With only a couple of weeks to go until the release of Yooka-Laylee, we made sure we were there to play the latest demo. Here at Darkworld Gaming, we are really looking forward to Yooka-Laylee joining our games library as it really does take us back to some of our favorite platformers from our childhood years. The latest demo is set in a region of snow and ice presenting you with a new challenge in working out how to progress when you slip and slide everywhere. It’s just such a delight to play with puzzles that were challenging but not overly complicated (which is good because I’m terrible at puzzles). The game allows you to enjoy running or flying around, collecting golden feathers and the missing pages you are seeking out throughout the game while taking out enemies. It’s just fantastic and we can’t wait to play more of it! This is a delightful game from Playtonic Games and Team 17 and with it also coming out on Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. It will certainly appeal to gamers of all ages, across many platforms.

Insane Robots

If you’re looking for a unique gaming experience, look no further than Insane Robots. It is an exceptional card battler in which you duke it out with randomly generated survival arenas in a tournament style single player campaign. You may be scratching your head wondering how this could possibly work, but it really does. Rob Davis, the Creative Director at Playniac kindly took some time out to chat about it with us. The game not only offers a single player mode in which you take on other robots to earn cash and power up your rig, but it also has the multiplayer aspect where you can battle your friends. Now after a few minutes of playing, you’ll pick up the mechanics and play away without any issues which is great and exactly what Rob wanted to achieve by making a title that is accessible for everyone. This is a colourful and funky game with a soundtrack to match while you use the battle deck to build up your attack and defence while also planning ahead to swap out or glitch your opponent to your advantage (just making sure you don’t ruin your build in the process of course). It is a really fun game with a lot of potential and we look forward to showing you some more at some point soon! Check out the Insane Robots website for more information and updates!

Dead End Job

Now, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a Ghostbuster… I’m pretty sure you wanted to be too. Well hopefully in early 2018, you will be able to with Dead End Job. Ant Workshop brought the demo of this Paranormal Pest-Control operation only 4 months into its development with their experienced creative team who have previously worked at the likes of Activision and Rockstar and it is looking great so far. With its bright, cartoon, 90s look you play as a worker at Ghoul-B-Gone and it’s your job to hoover up the ghastly ghosts and rescue folks from their goop in order to earn cash. If you fail a job, it isn’t over though as you can compete with other employees. This twin stick shooter certainly isn’t looking ghastly and we are looking forward to seeing more of the title. You can check out the Dead End Jobs website for more information!

Flipping Death

When Flipping Death was first announced, it seemed like an interesting concept for a mechanic within a story filled with dark humour and crazy antics, so I made sure we got a chance to take a look at the Nintendo Switch area at Rezzed. Brought to you by the studio that created Fe, Zombie Vikings and Stick if to The Man, you can see Zoink Games trademark style in Flipping Death. First off, the art style is great and really lends itself to the game. You play as Penny, a young lady who is going to help the ghosts of Flatwood Peaks with their problems while also trying to solve the mystery of your own death. This is a puzzler adventure game with a twist as Penny can take over the living to do her biding in weird and wonderful ways. I really enjoyed the demo for this title as I tried to work out the best way of working out the puzzle with the characters available. Luckily, there were some little hints to help along the way and I’m looking forward to seeing whether these will become progressively more difficult at you play through. Flipping Death is funny and an interesting take on the puzzler platform which lends itself to the Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

Serial Cleaner

Have you ever wondered how mob bosses get away with murder? Well you don’t have to anymore with Serial Cleaner from Curve and iFun4All. It’s a fast-paced stealth game with an amazing 70s theme. You are the cleaner whose job it is to clean up crime scenes inspired by real 1970s crime scenes by removing evidence, bodies and clearing up all of the blood that comes with it while avoiding the police that are overseeing the murder scene. You may think it sounds easy but you have to time and execute your clean up operation really well in order to get away with it and not get caught by the police. Should you get caught, the crime scene will reset and randomly generate the placement of everything to keep you on your toes. There’s a certain macabre sense of humour to it all and this game will appeal to those of you who like games that don’t take everything so seriously. There’s also a feature in which the game uses Real-World Data to modify these levels to the current time of day you are in, so if you play in the evening, it will update to night time. There’s a real replay factor to this game and I really enjoyed the demo. We’ll be looking forward to cover this one more in future.


Figment is brought to us by Bedtime Digital Games and is a beautiful hand-drawn, puzzler set in the recesses of a human mind which has been overrun with nightmares. You play as Dusty, the mind’s former voice of courage who will need to fight these creatures and solve puzzles in order to navigate through the mind in order to defeat them. Through pastures green to the darker corners of the mind, you’ll get sucked in to this particular gaming experience. The premise is simple and very well executed as the team had to make Unity work for them in order to bring us this stunning, musical action-adventure. From the demo, I feel that this is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages (although kids may not want to face the nightmares alone). We were lucky enough to speak to the lovely developers who have put years of time and love into this title which is clear to see in its execution. Keep a look out for this lovely game which we hope to cover more of in future.


Tequila Works bring us RiME, which is set on a mysterious islands after you are shipwrecked off its coast where you’ll play as a 10 year old child exploring the island’s secrets. This is a vibrant, puzzle adventure game with a great soundscape and score. The puzzles are quite challenging and rely on you looking at the environment around you in order to unveil the secrets of the island. This game will sit very well next to the likes of Abzu and Journey as it offers an emotional expedition of discovery in a sunbaked Mediterranean setting. The demo available at EGX Rezzed was striking and challenging, leaving me a little sad when it ended just as I was just getting started. RiME is certainly one to watch for fans of the puzzle adventure genre and it will be welcomed across all platforms.


If you are looking for a new multiplayer PC/MAC game for you and your friends to add to your collection then consider this fast paced, turn based strategy games. In Antihero from Tim Conkling and Versus Evil, you are the head of a thieves guild who needs to infiltrate, bribe, blackmail, steal and assassinate in order to be the best. The demo covered the basics of how to play and introduced us to some of the characters on offer to help us take over the buildings and outsmart the opposition. It’s not just about stealing the most stuff but also protecting it and fighting in the inevitable gang wars that will break out from time to time. For fans of turn based strategy titles, Antihero may be a welcome addition to your library.

Little Nightmares

Now I know I have mentioned Little Nightmares in the last EGX round up in September but as it is released at the end of April, I thought it was worth mentioning again for you folks in case you missed it. You play at Six. A small girl in a yellow coat who is in the Maw, a nightmarish place which you need to sneak and puzzle your way through avoiding the baddies you will encounter along the way. The demo available at Rezzed was the same as in September so I played though again and am still looking forward to its released on 28th April. You need to be smart, resourceful and ready to run in this disturbing dollhouse that lingers somewhere between dream-like and nightmarish. Keep a look out for this great looking title from Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco which I will be streaming upon release.

Impact Winter

Impact Winter from Mojo Bones and Bandai Namco is a survival adventure game in which you play as Jacob. You and a small group of people are seeking shelter in a church after an asteroid hits the Earth. A mysterious radio transmission tells you that help is on the way and will be there in 30 days… all you have to do is survive. This is easier said than done when you have to help your group ration food and supplies, give them tasks to do to help you all survive. You’ll have to go out into the hazardous environment to salvage more supplies and provide for your group. Meanwhile, you’ll have to monitor your stats and the other members of your team too to ensure that you all make it through the 30 days. Now, I’m terrible at these strategy survival games, but it was all explained very well throughout the tutorial and it’s something that a newcomer would be able to pick up very quickly too. Impact Winter will be available from 12th April 2017 on Steam and coming soon to PS4 and XBOX One.

Esdevium Games

Now one area that we haven’t covered before at an EGX event is board games. This is usually due to a lack of time to sit down and test them out but as we have a new found passion for board games in our household, we swung by to hang out with the lovely folks in the Esdevium Games area to have a look at a few.

First off was King of Tokyo which is for 2 to 6 players in which you play as monsters, robots, aliens or even ‘not versions’ of well-known creatures. Your objective is to earn enough victory points to win or alternatively, kill all other players on the board. Roll the dice to see whether you’ll heal, fight, grab some energy to buy ability card or get some victory points to help you get a little bit closer to winning. This is a really fun game for you and your friends to play and is simple to pick up. Highly recommended for newcomers to board games and experienced players.

Next up we had a look at the Creativity Hub Rory’s Story Cubes. There are 9 dice in the box which all have pictures on them. The idea is simple and great as you roll the dice and then try to tell a story based on the pictures you get. Alternatively, you can tell it as a group and try to trip each other up or creative something fun and fantastical. These are great for kids and adults alike. They are a great educational tool too that can bring fun to the family at a party or friends just having a relaxed evening in and with other packs available, there are all kinds of stories to tell.

Have you heard of Dobble? Well, you’re made if you haven’t! It’s a fast paced card game which relies on your powers of observation to come out on top. Similar in concept to ‘snap’ which we all have played at some point or another, in Dobble all of the cards have some of the same images on the cards and all you need to do is shout out the image that appears on yours and the cards in the middle. If you get the most cards, you win! On the other hand, you could do the same thing except you look at other players cards and point out the matching images to try and have the least amount of cards at the end of the round. Whichever way you play, you’ll have some fun times with friends and family.

Timeline: Science & Discoveries was up next and it a really simple concept in which each player starts with 3 cards (or 4 if you want a longer round) and 2 events in time already laid out with their dates on display. Your task is to guess when the events on your cards took place and put them in the timeline. If you put it in the right place, it’s all good. If not, you swap it with another card and try again when it’s your turn. The player who correctly places all of their cards first is the winner. While it sounds easy, it does rely on you having some sort of grasp on history especially when more dates are laid out on the table. There are different packs available including inventions, music and cinema and historical events. You may even surprise yourself with the knowledge (or lack thereof) you have.

Last up was Cortex Challenge and believe me this one was tricky after a long day! This is a card game for 2 to 6 players and is a brain-busting test of your memory, cognition and sensory perception. The idea, look at the card, let your brain do the work, cover the card before the other players and hopefully say the right answer. Once you have a pair of the same type of puzzle, you swap them in for a piece of brain. The first player to make a whole brain wins. It is fast, fun and really makes you think which as I say can be quite difficult if your brain decides not to function. This game and all of the others we were lucky enough to try out are available to buy from retailers now. If you’re looking for some offline games to play with family and friends away from a TV or computer screen, consider giving board games a try.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of the EGX Rezzed round up coming soon featuring these titles:

Milkytea – Hyperbrawl

Muse Games – Guns of Icarus

Wired Productions – Victor Vran Overkill Edtion: Motorhead

Sumo Digital – Snake Pass (DANGER NOODLE!)

Brainwash Gang – Nongunz

Manufacture 43 – Pawarumi

Angry Mob Games – Brawlout

Ocean Spark – Tetra Elemental Awakening

Sileni Studios – Mayan Death Battle Robots

Shinen Games – Fast RMX

Cardboard Robot Games – Pocket Rumble

Atlus – Persona 5

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